Salam Web browser corresponding to the Sharia law, have created a Malaysian startup Salam Web Technologies. The idea is simple — on the Internet today a lot of content that is not suitable for believers, ranging from gambling and pornography, and ending banal news from the tabloids and many banking services. While the system will work based on recommendations. Each user will be able to indicate how safe each site, and a special team of editors will be to check it out.

And a little more about the browsers. One of Microsoft employee urged Mozilla to abandon its own Web engine for Firefox. On Twitter he wrote that the company’s efforts are in vain, because it products uses less than 5% of the audience, while dominates the market Chrome.

A Apple is planning to launch its own game subscription service. It will be something like Netflix for games, where users pay a monthly fee to be able to choose from a large number of games. This is with reference to just five sources in the company reported by portal Cheddar. Details in the program Вести.net.

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