In Las Vegas opened the largest technovista CES 2019. Traditionally, is the main platform for all announcements and demonstration of advanced solutions, from both industry giants and startups. One of the most prominent high-tech companies in the world Apple is not involved in it, but, well, makes all announcements with the help of its partners.

This year was no exception, the Corporation took a mighty step towards the conquest of the market of TV audience. Samsung TVs will have access to iTunes. Since the spring of this year, users will be able to watch movies and to listen to tracks purchased in Apple, the Korean TV, and it’s not only about the newest models, but all the devices last year, it will be enough to update the firmware.

Additionally, the Samsung TVs and LG, Sony and Vizio will support Apple AirPlay technology, and is much more aggressive and interesting move. The details of the program Вести.net.

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