The U.S. Congress has asked Apple and Google to collect user data. As reported in a letter to Google co-founder and CEO of Alphabet, Larry the latest report shows that the Android system collects extensive information on user location and sends it to the Alphabet, even if the location services are turned off.

And more congressmen are very interested in whether it is possible to transmit information when the phone is switched off and after removing the SIM card and they are waiting for the answers to the questions whether it is possible to collect data through access points Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, even if the device is in airplane mode.

A similar letter was sent to Apple. Let me remind you that just a week ago, search giant Google confirmed to journalists that provides access to customer emails and third-party developers of applications for scanning and even reading.

And now to other news. Nvidia has taught the neural network to remove noise and inscriptions with photographs. This was reported in a blog companies. Details in the program Вести.net.


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