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Xiaomi company has long outgrown the title of “Chinese Apple”. Xiaomi is not the first year focuses not only on smartphones but also on hundreds (if not thousands) of devices, which fall in China under different sub-brands of the company. In this collection we have collected 10 unusual items from AliExpress Xiaomi that are not sold in official retail in Russia. And hardly will be sold in the coming years.

Rubik’s Cube

Price: 625 ruble (discount 52%).

Cool Rubik’s cube performed by designers and engineers Xiaomi. The cube is very stylish, but most importantly — very pleasant to use. There is no difficulty faces or other inaccuracies, Assembly perfect. Perfect for those looking for an original gift, for example, on February 23.

Compact USB flashlight

Price: 286 roubles (10% discount).

Small but powerful USB flashlight. Will help both the computer and on the street. It can be powered directly from an external battery.

“Smart” light bulb

Price: 1108 rubles (discount 26%).

Smart light bulb that is gaining popularity on AliExpress. Quite adequate for the money, buyers get a full-fledged “smart” light bulb that can Shine in millions colors and, of course, be controlled via a special app for iPhone or Android.

Air purifier for refrigerator

Price: 606 roubles.

Very useful in the home appliance air purifier for the refrigerator. Eliminates all unpleasant odors which may from time to time be formed in the refrigerator.

Smart switch

Price: 814 rubles (discount 37%).

Have a lot of Xiaomi smart devices and smart switch is one of the last. Switch with a minimalistic design and can be fully controlled from your smartphone. The user is prompted to set the schedule and work scenarios, track the status of the light from a smartphone and more.

Clipper nose hair

Price: 809 roubles (discount 22%).

Another great idea for a gift, this time to any man. Clipper nose hair has a stylish modern design and proven by hundreds of customers, functionality.

Electric screwdriver Xiaomi Wowstick 1F+

Price: 2514 rubles (discount 22%).

If you have to disassemble the smartphone or other equipment (or, for example, really want to start doing it), then electric screwdriver Xiaomi Wowstick 1F+ a set of 64 different bit — it’s your choice. For the money find a set of tools of higher quality is simply impossible.

The water quality tester

Price: 590 roubles (discount 52%).

A small but very useful gadget. Compact wand with display allows you to quickly evaluate water quality and to know whether this water to drink.

Compact fan

Price: 786 roubles (discount 52%).

A small fan, which will save heat. It can be used anywhere as it has battery capacity of 2000 mAh! That is, no batteries and unnecessary spending.

Sponge for washing dishes

Price: 477 roubles (20% discount).

Finally, the most amazing for many product Xiaomi — sponge for washing dishes! Yes, Xiaomi — or rather one of the many brands the company produces and sponge. Sponges are amazing — easy to use and effective. The set comes from six of these sponges.


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