Xiaomi never ceases to amaze!

Fresh selection of original Xiaomi products are sold exclusively in China, but with big discounts. In this issue: “smart” mask for a quick sleep, wireless headphones Xiaomi AirDots (cheap and really good quality analogue AirPods), the most popular smart light bulb and much more.

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1. “Smart” light bulb

Price: 997 roubles (discount 41%).

The most popular and proven smart bulb on AliExpress, all from Xiaomi. The bulb is controlled through a special smartphone app, where you can select any of the millions of available colours, change the shades and to select the operating mode of the bulb. A great buy for anyone who wants to initiate the creation of smart homes.

2. The water quality tester

Price: 615 rubles (50% discount).

Quality water quality tester designed specifically to test home water. Will allow to instantly know the quality of water flowing from the faucet and how well the filter does its job.

3. Corrosion-resistant scissors

Price: 612 roubles (50% discount).

Set of two corrosion-resistant scissors from Xiaomi. Yes, the company even produces them. Scissors looks very stylish and has an excellent factory sharpening.

4. Non-contact thermometer

Price: 1689 rubles (50% discount).

In order to measure the temperature with this thermometer you don’t even need to touch the person. Just hover the device — the sensor measures the temperature and displays it on the display. A very useful purchase for young parents, who, through the thermometer will not have to Wake their children at night to measure the temperature.

5. Backpack

Price: 1163 ruble (25% discount).

Stylish backpack from Xiaomi, is made of durable polyester. The backpack is very roomy and ideal for anything. It is possible to take with you at least to study, at least in the campaign.

6. “Smart” scales

Price: 3113 rubles (discount 35%).

Cool “smart” scales that not only show the weight, but also determine various other important indicators, such as fat percentage and muscle mass. Each measurement scale is sent to a smartphone where it is most convenient to follow the changes. Also scales automatically determine members of the family.

7. Thermos

Price: 1181 ruble (50% discount).

Stainless steel thermos, which fully justifies their money. Especially now that it is sold with big discount. The thermos is very durable, modern looks, convenient to open with one hand and keeps the drink hot or cold for up to 24 hours.

8. “Smart” sleep mask

Price: 3490 rubles (30% discount).

One of the most acclaimed new products Xiaomi in recent months. This “smart” mask, which will make it easier to fall asleep and Wake up. It is not simply turning a blind eye to people sleeping in complete darkness (which is very important). Mask analyzes the activity of the brain and includes the most appropriate music for relaxation. When the mask “understands” that the user begins to fall asleep, it gradually decreases the music volume. A great buy for anyone who wants to significantly improve the quality of their sleep.

9. Vacuum cleaner for car

Price: 3406 rubles (40% discount).

Compact, yet powerful car vacuum cleaner. Vacuum allows you to effectively clean the interior and get to hard to reach places. Due to the special folding design, it practically will not take place in the machine. And to suffer with wires don’t have vacuum powered by a battery and supports fast charging.

10. Wireless headphones Xiaomi AirDots

Price: 5474 ruble (discount 14%).

Xiaomi AirDots — analog headphone Apple AirPods from Xiaomi. Headphones have a similar design, a similar charging case and a very cool sound. But AirDots Xiaomi sold more than two times cheaper than the AirPods.


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