The highest scientific and technical potential of Russia is undeniable: the country, where the first laser and filled the last vacant cell of the periodic table, the country of Gagarin and Korolev forever inscribed in the history of human progress. Controversy and debate is the question of why the achievements of Russian science and technology are so rarely translated into concrete stories of economic success. Ten years ago, the dream of a Russian Google and Apple have brought to life a number of structures and public initiatives aimed at the creation of the country’s innovative economy. Did she?

We do not pretend to give this question a comprehensive answer. The goal of this project is to present a kind of group portrait of high-tech entrepreneurship has grown over the last decade in Russia or have Russian roots. In choosing heroes, we were guided by several fundamental criteria.

First, the ten entrepreneurs who have become the characters of the project built its success on the original technological or scientific achievements of the Russian developers. With all due respect to the idea of “import substitution” their breakthrough is not to do what others have done, but cheaper and under a domestic brand. Each of them in their field was a pioneer. Second, in each case, the technology embodied in the business decisions that have brought measurable economic result. Brilliant predictions and bold ambitions in the choice was not taken into account. Thirdly, they have produced high-tech products entered the global market, changing the landscape of their respective industries.

The heroes of the project are from different industries and high-tech business: artificial intelligence and biotechnology, pharmacology and FINTECH, information security and medical equipment. We have tried to present a wide panorama of opportunities and approaches, concepts and business models that formed the basis of stories of entrepreneurial success. With some of the heroes of the editors talked, others were asked to write “compositions on a free theme”. And here and there talking about how to do a high-tech business in Russia and in the world that you are the humanity of technology, what future awaits us and what needs to be done to this future did not disappoint.

Publish the project:

#1 Guests from the future: who are they, the modern global Russian?

#2 Vitaly Ponomarev a startup cost of $500 million and will extend the life of the people

#3 “Few banks will survive.” Founder Revolut about the future of Russia, tin’kove and offers to sell the business

#4 “the era of Connecting bits and atoms”: Dmitry Grishin on the future of e-business and robots that will surround us

#5 Technology that will give happiness: how artificial intelligence will change the lives of companies

#6 Innovation in the genre of me too: why Russia is stuck among the countries, legally generic

#7 the weakest link: Eugene Kaspersky about the main tool of cybercriminals

#8 On the threshold of immortality. When people believe that can live for 300 years, and that it will change

#9 Exoskeleton connected to the brain. Both will return to normal patients in the future?

#10 When you receive drugs from aging

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