Options multitasking

On iPad increased opportunities for productive applications. Here’s what you can do with a new iPadOS:

To open multiple Windows of the same application for different tasks (Split View) — for example, to copy text from one email to another;

To open multiple apps at the same time (Slide Over) and quickly switch between them;

To use one application in several parts of the screen for different tasks;

Drag and drop the content into a separate part of the screen to start the corresponding program (for example, you can drag links to open Safari).

Goals for a useful reading

If you are unable to accustom themselves to read a fixed number of pages per day, try to set a goal: the iPad will remind you that you do not fit in the graph.

Repeat desktop iPad + MacBook

It is easy and clear mirroring of what is happening on two screens. Try to use an iPad paired with a MacBook to make a presentation, a business meeting or planning meeting. Another uscas — labels and notes that you leave in the files on the MacBook, will be immediately visible on the iPad, and Vice versa.

Sort contacts

The Contacts will appear on new labels for easy sorting cards with contacts.

Changes to PDF documents without third-party software with Apple Pencil

Using Apple Pencil will zaskrinit a web page completely (Yes, not only visible part) — and just make notes: the file is saved as a PDF. By the way, with a new iPadOS you can create your own PDF documents and mark existing — for example, to circle specific passages or emphasize areas that need edits.

Dark mode

A mode that displays details of the interface in dark colors, not only looks stylish but also reduces eye strain when working with your iPad in places with insufficient lighting. And if you love to stay up late for checking email, try to select the dark mode at the specified time: this will help to restore the balance between work and leisure.

Reading messages with AirPods

Use the iPad in conjunction with 2 AirPods? Voice assistant Siri now reads incoming messages and iPad do not need extra time to get. Another interesting update in this bundle: to iPad, you can connect two pairs of AirPods at the same time for a joint listening to audio.

Advanced privacy when you log on with Apple ID
We have already talked about what Apple ID you can use to login to third-party sites. This option will appear in the iPad. Please note that it is not necessary to leave the site owners personal email — Apple will prompt you to choose what information you want to share, or generate an original email that will forward messages onto your main mail.

Updated tethering on the iPad

At first glance minor option can be very useful if you often work in places with unstable Wi-Fi: the nearest access point iPad will be triggered automatically and the device will not lose connectivity even in sleep mode.

Options for meetings and travel in Maps

Now using “Cards” you can send your estimated time of arrival at the venue (it will be automatically updated). One more option cards are useful for business travelers: the program will show information about your flight, including terminal and gate number for boarding.

A reminder about a specific person

Celebrate the man in the reminder to be alert when you write him Messages. By the way, the “Reminders” has been updated in appearance and their design can be customized.

Cover photo: Gaudilab / Depositphotos.

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