10 stylish circular dials for Apple WatchВ one of the last materials that I published on the pages of iPhones.ru you drew attention to the extraordinary circular dial with no unnecessary details on my Apple Watch.
Some of you thought that I have some special model watches, but the most attentive soon realized that I simply could use the normal “Kaleidoscope”. Will tell you how to put one of these circular watch faces for your smart watch.

Topic: 10 new watch faces for the Apple Watch. Fit to any model
How to install one of these dials
Step 1. Click to preview any of the dial below and download it to your iPhone.
Step 2. Open the Watch app on the iPhone.

Step 3. Go to the “Dials.”

Step 4. Select dial “Kaleidoscope”.

Step 5. Select “Private photos” in the menu “Image” and go to the set of images.

Step 6. Select the image of the dial, which is saved, and click “Choose”.

Step 7. Select “Radius” in the menu “Style”.

Step 8. Define “Extensions” — I recommend to leave only “Date” at the top right.

Step 9. Click “Add” and select dial on the Apple Watch.

I have prepared for you 10 unusual circular watch faces for the Apple Watch. I have been watchface “Summer whim”, but you choose any to your taste:
1. Pastel surprise

2. Marsh extreme

3. Electric dawn

4. Neon minimalism

5. European modern

6. Foppish glamour

7. Twilight delight

8. Summer whim

9. Youth military

10. Electric sunset

Each of these dials obtained animated. They all change over time and when you turn the wheel, the Digital Crown, therefore, can differ from shown in the screenshots above. What choose?


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