16 — 18 August in Nizhny Novgorod will host a festival Alfa Future People, which will feature Karina Istomina — the DJ, the life of the party (as in Moscow and abroad) and the only music influences from Russia, which work with Apple Music. Her sets can be heard IDM, funk and new wave, and in the playlist — a classic Nirvana, Oasis and much more interesting. We asked Karina to pick 10 favorite tracks, and let them know how they road. Listen and add playlists.

Linkin Park — Shadow Of The Day (Road to Revolution: Live at Milton Keynes 2008)

This is one of my favorite and live favorite songs. More recently, it was two years since Chester did not. For me it is a personal tragedy, because Linkin Park has meant and still means a lot to me. His wife Talinda launched a campaign “I am the CHANGE” to attract the public to the problem of mental health. Often laugh at us when we find ourselves alone with our black thoughts and cannot get out of them. And treatment of mental disorders is not exactly a “trip to the plant to clean up bags”. Chester was a great singer. And I understand his inner pain. It still gives me hope that I will ever cope with their inner demons.

WZRD (Kid Cudi) — Teleport 2 Me, Jamie

As I wrote in his school essay — kid Cudi, a hero for me. He had also to go through the terrible inner experiences. I would love to just sit with him and talk. Not even about music, but about the depth that worries many of us.

And this song I love to listen to when I go somewhere alone and the whole world is becoming just unreal. And he sings really well live, unlike many modern hip-hop musicians.

The Cure — Boys Don’t Cry
When I feel bad, I’m going to this song like hell without any destination and my tears, the wind blows. Because crying all.

Kanye West — Addiction

Track from the second Studio album by Ye, where he was more vulnerable and more reckless. But I still cannot but admire his genius.

Moby — Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?

In this collection I didn’t want to appeal their knowledge of unknown artists. Just for example, Moby is very close to me his perception of life. Of course, except that he’s a vegetarian. I read his autobiography, where he says that the track he wrote when he wanted to quit music and become a teacher in College. And everything fell from his hands. All the pain he conveyed in this track that we listen to until now. By the way, the men he painted himself — he sees himself from the outside.

Depeche Mode — Useless

The album Ultra was given to the musicians hardest. David Gahan was a big problem…with everything. He lived in his house in LA and stayed in her dark room instead of the bed was a coffin. But for me, this album and this song is the most heartfelt that is in their work. And I have some stupid dream that I ever had directed by Anton Corbijn.

Oasis — Don’t Go Away

I listen to this song on tour. When I’m all alone in a hotel room in a strange city, waiting for Seth and I think that the sadness will soon crush my shoulders.

Nirvana — Lithium

In my youth I didn’t understand what the song is about, but when I went for checkup and they told me that my body is missing this enzyme as lithium, responsible for the correct production of hormones of joy, everything was in its place.

Pixies — Where is My Mind

“We met at a very strange time of my life.”

Underworld — Born Slippy

Choose life!

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