The app will allow you to sort photos by day, month and year. On top of the frame will display the place and the event where it was made. Duplicate photos, screenshots, photos documents will be stored in a hidden mode so the gallery could see only the best shots. The video will be automatically played in preview mode.

The inner editor got new features. Filters and manual settings (exposure, brightness, shadows, etc.) can be adjusted in intensity.

Processing tools that were previously only available for the photo spread and video. Video it will be possible to turn.


Siri will analyze the correspondence in iMessage and use it to prompt the user to make a reminder and also to add the reminder text for you. Friends will be noted in their memos that they then received a notice via iMessage.


The cards will feature Look Around, similar to Google Street View, which allows you to see what it looks like outside.

The app will compile a list of the most frequently visited places and a collection of places I want to go, and send those locations to your friends.


In the app there will be new Goals that will track how long a user reads every day, and form statistics reading.


Siri will read incoming messages to the user in the AirPods. The smartphone can connect two sets of AirPods to listen to the same music with a friend.


Application for cars will get new control panel, which simultaneously displays maps, music, and notifications Siri. The voice assistant will display the panel reminders from the calendar or suggestions, for example, to open the garage door.


IOS users 13 will be available to check in third-party applications through the Apple ID account you use from the social network will not need to. If sign-in is required to enter the name and email address, the system will generate a random address. Letters of application will come to the real address of the user.

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