After the release of iOS 11.4, many users began to complain about reduced battery life of their devices. If we are to judge by the official Apple forum, the problem was massive. The cupertinos did not comment on such complaints. However, in iOS 11.4.1 the problem of rapid discharge of the iPhone and iPad have been solved.

The final version of iOS 11.4.1 was released just a few days ago. However, owners of Apple gadgets have already started to notice that the battery life of their devices has increased slightly. Judging by the reviews, now one charge lasts about 1-2 hours longer than in the case of iOS 11.4.

It should be noted that the problem with autonomy was in other versions of iOS 11. However, in most cases, cupertinos fairly quickly made changes, which have resolved similar problems.

Recall that in addition to solving problems with autonomy, 11.4.1 iOS also brought a few other fixes. For example, the cupertinos have modified the system synchronize contacts, mail and notes, and also fixed a bug where the app Find my iPhone position AirPods were not appearing correctly.


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