Great ideas for gifts.

What to give a girl on February 14? If you don’t have smart ideas, look at our selection of options — there are lots of options how to make an original and memorable gift. All products found on AliExpress, where is still time to order a gift.

Superduper necklace

Price: 136 roubles (discount 24%).

Very original necklace in the theme of the 14th of February. His main “trick” in a glass ball in the middle. If you Shine a light through it, such as a flashlight, you will see a shadow in the form of the phrase “I love you” in 100 languages.

Covers for a couple

Price: from 63 rubles (50% discount).

Original iPhone cases for couples in love. One bag is made in soft pink color and has an inscription of Queen. The second is simple black color and with the inscription King. The covers began to enjoy wide popularity in the eve of February 14.

A set of unusual frames for photos

Price: from 119 rubles (30% discount).

Cool picture frames, and they come with a wool rope and clothespins for fastening part on it. The kit allows you to very quickly create beautiful homemade collage with memorable photos.

Cozy Slippers

Price: from 588 rubles (40% discount).

Cute house Slippers all year round. On sneakers the kittens pictured — the girls just love it.

Slippers with ears

Price: 712 rubles (discount 37%).

But the Slippers are already more suitable for winter — warm and funny ears.

Beautiful watch

Price: 203 roubles (15% discount).

A lovely ladies watch that are the real hit of the beginning of 2019!

Artificial flowers

Price: 166 roubles (51% discount).

Beautiful artificial flowers that will decorate the house for the occasion. However, as the flowers will not wither, they will always serve as a decoration.

Festive cushion covers for pillows

Price: 236 rubles (discount 22%).

Pillowcases for pillows on a festive theme. Will help to create the right atmosphere.

Beautiful scented candles

Price: 649 rubles (10% discount).

Beautiful and nice smelling scented candles with ten different smells. Most customers are attracted by the design of the candles — their colors are very bright and modern.

Pajamas for two

Price: 2274 ruble (28% discount).

Set of two high quality pajamas for the couple. Perhaps one of the most original gifts on February 14.


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