The child’s family has appealed to the producers of the gadget.

Schoolgirl from California recently scared the smartphone. At the moment when the girl sat on the bed c of the IPhone 6, the gadget suddenly started sparkling. As a result, suffered only a blanket, but the girl left a lot of impressions after that. It is reported 9to5mac.

Kyle (so called 11-year-old girl) told reporters his story.

I sat and held the phone in his hand, and then saw flying in all directions, sparks and just threw it on the blanket. I was there on the bed and the phone burn holes in the blanket,

she said.

It is known that the girl used a smartphone mainly for watching videos on YouTube, and also sometimes allowed to play with him a younger brother. The family always loaded gadget’s original cable. Also IPhone has never been repaired.

Kaila’s mom has already applied to Apple. There she was advised to contact the service center and promised to provide the family a new phone and to conduct its own investigation of the incident. Publicly the situation with the fire of the gadget in the Apple has not yet commented.

Photo: Vostock

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