The hidden features iOS 12!

In iOS 12, as in any other major version of iOS, there were no hidden features that Apple didn’t said at the presentation and are not shown in the overview on its official website. In the operating system these opportunities are also not disclosed in an obvious way. This article has collected 12 hidden iOS features 12, many of which will be a nice boon for users.

Search for devices with Siri

In iOS 12 have voice assistant Siri, a host of new features, including a couple hidden. First and foremost, Siri learned to look for the user’s other devices. Enough to prompt the command “Find my iPhone/iPad/AirPods” and Siri will immediately search for the desired device and will offer to play a sound alert.

Password search with the help of Siri

Siri also got the opportunity to perform searches on stored on your device passwords. Just tell Siri “Password from [name of site]” and the assistant will immediately open the configuration page with password right site. Very handy feature, especially for those users whose iPhone and iPad stored passwords from a large number of services.

Warning the same passwords

And since we were talking about passwords, not to mention new security option iOS 12. If you go to the menu “Settings” — “Password and account” — “Passwords sites and” you will be able to see the passwords to what sites you repeated. So iOS 12 warns about the need to change passwords for important services.

Enhanced mode “Portrait”

In iOS 12 silent, but very much updated Portrait on the iPhone with dual cameras: the iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and, of course, the upcoming iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone and iPhone XR. Apple engineers have improved the algorithm to create portrait pictures.

The new algorithm was to create a special mask of human face detection. The mask includes not only the face but also the hair, which often are the main obstacles when creating portrait photos. Thanks to the masked person with a maximum of accuracy is separated from the background and the portrait mode is excellent.

Improved portrait mode on the old iPhone

As many know, the iPhone XS iPhone XS and XR Max iPhone Apple has significantly improved portrait mode programmatically. Fortunately for owners of older iPhone models with the launch of iOS 12 Apple gave third-party developers of applications the ability to use the API for the segmentation of portraits.

This means that third party developers will be able to share pictures to the layers of technology Apple. Including to separate the object from background for creating quality portrait photos. The developers of many applications, has announced the launch of the “Portrait”. Be sure to follow the updates of their favorite apps for shooting photos.

Filters for photos in the Messages app

In iOS 12 have the opportunity to apply various filters to photos directly in the Message app before sending. This requires to select a picture to upload, and then click on it. Opens the editing menu in which you can improve the photo.

“Smart” offers to send photos

If you have photos for contacts in iOS 12 you will find another great function that is associated with the photo. iOS 12 analyzes assigned to the contacts pictures and the people in your pictures. When the system finds your relatives, friends or acquaintances, then offers to send them pictures, which he captured with one click.

New 3D Touch gestures on devices without a 3D Touch

According to leading analysts, in 2019, Apple would refuse the 3D Touch technology in its new smartphones. In this regard, the company began to gradually replace the 3D Touch gestures that require strong pressing on the display, the usual long press on the screen. Due to this, for iPhone users without 3D Touch, there are new opportunities.

In iOS 12 on any iPhone you can hold on the spacebar of a standard keyboard and to switch to the easy to navigate text. In addition, if you hold down on the ” x ” in the “notification Center” you will see the option to clear all notifications at the same time. Very comfortable, and most importantly — that had never happened before on iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone SE.

3D Touch support right in the Spotlight search

Nevertheless, about improving the 3D Touch in the Apple don’t forget. In iOS 12 introduced support for 3D Touch in the Spotlight search. Just enter any query and hold on the desired resulting outcome. Depending on the type of the found content iOS 12 will invite you to call or send an SMS to a contact, to preview the content or images, etc.

“Smart” search by picture

We talked about smart search on the photos a few days ago, so for many it is not new. However, about the possibility of advanced search the library know not everything, so will mark this innovation. In iOS 12, you can search in several clear requests, e.g., “winter, statue, sun”. iOS 12 will find exactly you need the photo (or series of images) thanks to the advanced system of identification of objects and scenes. To find this way really can be almost anything.

Edit photos in RAW format

For many the long-awaited support for editing pictures in RAW format, finally made it to iOS. Once the photo is in RAW format or by importing pictures from a camera you can right on your iPhone and iPad to work on improving it, using a lot of tools. It is important to note that support for editing in RAW format is only available on iPhone SE/6s and newer models and iPad 2017 and later.

New experimental feature in Safari for faster surfing

In iOS 12 has added many new experimental features the standard Safari browser. Most of them are of interest only to developers, but for users there are a couple of useful options.

In the menu “Settings” → Safari → “add-Ons” → Experimental Features features implemented Async Scrolling Frame and ImageBitmap and OffscreenCanvas. The first is responsible for increasing the stability of the scrolling of web pages and the second graphics rendering. The inclusion of both features will increase the speed of surfing. It is important to note that the function ImageBitmap OffscreenCanvas and uses the resources of the iPhone and iPad in a slightly elevated mode. So if you battery life is more important than speed of loading web pages, this feature should not be included.


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