The battery life of the IPhone 5s on iOS 12.

Comparison iOS 12 and iOS 11.4 on various models of iPhone have shown that Apple has significantly accelerated the operating system. But in iOS 12 things with battery life? Maybe Apple has increased the speed of 12 iOS at the expense of autonomy? Compare battery life iPhone 5s running iOS 12 and iOS 11.4 gave the answer to this question.

iOS 12 does not affect battery life

iOS 12 was rapidly fast on all iPhone and iPad models. But most amazing of all, the battery life of Apple mobile devices running iOS 12 remained at the level of 11.4 iOS!

Is clearly proven 30-minute test of the blogger MM. Within half an hour he was assessed a “live” performance of firmware on two iPhone 5s, and then I started synthetic testing of smartphones in the benchmark Geekbench 4. After all test on iPhone 5s running iOS 11.4 were 95% charge. Same preserved and iPhone 5s running on iOS.

Thus, the battery life on iPhone 5s running iOS 12 does not become worse compared to the stable iOS 11.4. Improvements also did not happen, but expect it is still possible.

The most detailed review of iOS 12 are available at this link.


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