The Apple company has not yet provided the successors to the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max, but the network is already actively discussing the features of the next Apple smartphone, which the cupertinos will show next fall. In particular, sources report that the iPhone sample 2020 will be equipped with screens with a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

According to the insider, who is hiding on Twitter under the name Ice Universe, now Apple is in talks with Samsung and LG. It is assumed that these producers will be responsible for the delivery of new screens for iPhone sample 2020. Also, the network has information that “gertsovka” displays may vary within a wide range from 60 to 120 Hz, depending on the situation and scenario of use.

It is worth noting that not so long ago, analysts have reported different features of the iPhone sample 2020. According to the forecasts of some experts, next year, Apple can greatly reduce the cutout in the screen under the camera TrueDepth or even abandon it. In the network there are also rumors that in the future, the cupertinos will again begin to equip their smartphones scanner Touch ID. But in the new models it will be built into the display.


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