If you believe the rumors, one of the key features of AirPods 3 will be the noise reduction system. Specially for her cupertinos will dramatically change the look and shape of headphones. Today, developers have found another proof of a noise reduction system in the new AirPods.

Judging from the small file, was found in the second beta version of iOS 13.2, users will be able to quickly enable and disable the noise reduction AidPods 3. You will need to do a long tap on the volume slider in control center.

Earlier it was reported that cupertinos not just add in AirPods noise reduction system. Specifically for this Apple will change the appearance of headphones, equipped with soft silicone ear cushions. In addition, some changes should occur with a charging case. It is assumed that its shape will change somewhat. In particular, the case may become more rectangular.

This new animation in iOS 13.2 will teach users how to change the options of noise cancelation on the new AirPods. https://t.co/p17iN47Sy4 pic.twitter.com/T7YwaFw5Cv

— Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) October 10, 2019

As for the other features of the new generation AirPods, the sources give improved protection from dust and moisture, as well as new colors. It is not excluded that already this year, users will be able to buy AirPods in black color.

It is expected that the official announcement of the new wireless Apple earphone will be held in late October at a special event in which the cupertinos will also show a 16-inch updated MacBook Pro and iPad Pro.


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