13 albums in the Apple Music, which will send you to cosmosomas inspired even when people could not imagine a person access to the open interplanetary space and fly among the stars.
In the culture of XX century, he has created many art genres and influenced a great many artists. Especially in the era of the Big race between the US and the USSR.
Chose your favorite musical album about space, stars and man in eternity. Add in the comments your own?
13. God is an Astronaut — All Is Violent, All Is Bright
Instrumental album interesting team from Ireland, woven together from individual musical works: in each plot, development, climax and ending.
Surprisingly interesting record, you can’t get enough. Like the planets the planets are passing by, over and over again — faster and slower.

Genre: avant-garde metal

Release date: September 11, 2006

Buy album in iTunes: 99 RUB

To listen Apple Music: free.

12. Dolphin — Star
My favorite experiment of the guy from “the Hangover”. Simple, ruthless to the listener’s life — and, in spite of everything, infinitely far away.
It seems that Dolphin left ideology “I love people” in the infinite vastness of Russian melancholy and distant space to the songs about the stars and the depths.

Genre: Alternative rock/post-rock
Release date: January 1, 2004

Buy album on iTunes: 109 RUB

To listen Apple Music: free.

11. David Bowie — Space Oddity
The album is about a man who is “lost in space” — chaotic, complex retelling of “Space Odyssey 2001” Kubrick. She voiced reports about the landing of man on the moon and problems of the expedition “Apollo-13”.
Not yet, ziggy Stardust, before The Man Who Sold The World. But in space, about space. The first album the Bowie we know.

Genre: New wave/pop music

Release date: 14 November 1969

Buy album in iTunes: 59 RUB

To listen Apple Music: free.

10. Pink Floyd — The Dark Side of the Moon
Perhaps the most important piece of music of the XX century, decorated with the most famous cover. Talk about it as long as listen. Endlessly.
From this album you should start to collect vinyl. Music for all seasons and occasions.

Genre: Progressive rock//hard rock/art rock
Release date: March 1, 1973

Buy album on iTunes: 189 RUB

To listen Apple Music: free.

09. Moby — 18 This album is known to a whole generation: the movies about Jason Bourne, a collaboration with Sinead O’connor, great movies. But does it make for good music?
Just plug and enjoy.

Genre: Ambient/Electronic music

Release date: 18 November 2003

Buy album in iTunes: 159 RUB.

To listen Apple Music: free.

08. Mastodon — Crack the Skye
As I tried to avoid metal plates in this collection, without the titans-experimenters Mastodon and this cannot be done.
The whole album made up of endless trips to the expanses of space with the dreary guitar, Tantra, mantra, and speckled wheels. How else could I surf?

Genre: groove/sludge/progressive metal

Release date: March 24, 2009

Buy album on iTunes: 189 RUB

To listen Apple Music: free.

07. Space — Deliverance
Dance epic from the pioneers of French electronic music. Without them, this list can’t do: play in suits, singing about Gagarin and without them the space electronics would hardly have been what we know.

Genre: Dance/electronic music

Release date: 28 Nov 1978

Buy album on iTunes: 69 RUB

To listen Apple Music: free.

06. Muse — Black Holes and Revelations
This is what happens when fans of Queen and Depeche Mode decided to play rock-n-roll about the mysteries of the universe. Paphos and tough vocals are what I love about this material.
Muse always sounded great.

Genre: Alternative/progressive rock
Release date: 3 July 2006

Buy album on iTunes: 189 RUB

To listen Apple Music: free.

05. Tangerine Dream — Zeit
The double album “Krautrock” with hints of Brian eno, who became a legend of electronic and ambient music. In one song, noted member of not less significant of the group Popol Vuh.
That may be closer to science fiction than reality, and analog synths?

Genre: Kraut rock/Electronic music

Release date: August 1972

Buy album on iTunes: 119 RUB

To listen Apple Music: free.

04. Voivod — The Outer Limits
Mastodon pull, envelop riffs and dragging outside of consciousness. Voivod climb into the gears of the brain and rebuild the mechanics in their own way. And yet it left Newstead from Metallica.
No wonder the work of this canadian group called “the psychedelic thrash-metal”: besides the fact that musicians love to experiment with musical rhythms and sizes, guitarist dabbles binaural sketches even in the tracks a La Motorhead.
The effect is easy to obtain already at the first listening, but don’t forget to use headphones.

Genre: heavy/thrash metal

Release date: January 1, 1993

Buy album on iTunes: 139 RUB.

To listen Apple Music: free.

03. Mike Oldfield — The Songs of Distant Earth
A Grand Opera based on the works of Arthur C. Clarke with the review of science fiction right on the cover. Clark himself considered the album a good soundtrack to “the Songs of distant earth”. And this is something so mean!
In addition to the space motives it is also a disc of Oldfield. So not boring, so great.

Genre: new age/electronic music

Release date: 14 November 1994

Buy album on iTunes: 129 RUB.

To listen Apple Music: free.

02. Brian Eno — Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks
“…Brian eno pulls the sound he loves the flavor.” Not the gift of song lit up in 28 Days Later and Trainspotting, although it was written for the documentary about the landing of man on the moon, compiled from the original staff of the first expedition.
Closer to space there is nothing.

Genre: Soundtrack

Release date: January 1, 1983

Buy album on iTunes: 169 RUB.

To listen Apple Music: free.

01. Hawkwind — In Search of Space
…Except for crazy Englishmen of the legendary psychedelic sixties team. For this article, it would be possible to take 13 plates Hawkwind — it would be a mistake.
Because all of the above about 12 albums we can say only one thing In Search of Space.

Genre: Psychedelic rock
Release date: October 8, 1971

Buy album on iTunes: 189 RUB

To listen Apple Music: free.


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