Original ideas for gifts on February 23.

If you want to buy an unusual gift for men on February 23 on AliExpress, you order it is right now. For the holiday gift will be taken and you will be able to please a loved one an original gift. In this collection we have compiled 13 ideas boring gifts on February 23. There are even elegant karambit knife from CS:GO!

Karambit knife style CS:GO

Price: 562 ruble (10%).

Karambit knife with different gradient colors will be, perhaps, the most original gift for the man who is a fan of the popular game CS:GO. Knives are not decorative — they can be used for its intended purpose. This makes the gift not only unusual, but useful.

Keychain-pan from PUBG

Price: 130 rubles (discount 29%).

But it is a cool accessory of another popular game PUBG. Keychain-pan, familiar to any player in PUBG, will certainly be an interesting gift on February 23.

External battery Xiaomi

Price: 1195 roubles (discount 26%).

Many people think about purchasing a portable battery thing is really needed. But by powerbank often “out of reach”. That is why an external battery is a great gift for the coming holiday male. This model of battery from Xiaomi is rightly considered one of the best available for purchase. Capacity 10000mah, durable and stylish case, two ports for charging devices and a dozen of the protection systems.


Price: 340 rubles (discount 11%).

Original kerosene lighter with an unusual design. Online available like gradient colors lighter and with prints in the spirit of February 23.


Price: 915 rubles (discount 36%).

Perhaps the most useful gift collection — multitool 13 tools. Part of the multitool includes pliers, screwdrivers, knife, bottle opener, awl, and even a saw! Very cool multitool for your little money.

Wireless headphones

Price: 1256 rubles (discount 32%).

Wireless headphones want almost everything, but in most cases, their purchase is delayed. Because of this, from year to year wireless headphones be one of the most popular gifts on February 23. I especially want to mention this full-sized model with a truly high-quality sound. For such little money that sound exactly few expect.

Screwdriver set Xiaomi

Price: 1437 roubles.

Cool screwdriver set from Xiaomi — the traditional Heath AliExpress even no holidays. But on February 23 he, as usual, is gaining maximum popularity. The kit includes 24 different magnetic bits for the screwdriver that allows you to parse anything, from regular hours, ending with the smartphone.


Price: 263 ruble (discount 36%).

Brutal and stylish wallet made of high quality synthetic leather. The wallet not only looks cool but also is very convenient — inside has many compartments for cards.

Pocket compass

Price: 56 roubles (discount 31%).

A very unusual accessory which is particularly suitable for lovers of tourism. Compact compass in a modern, minimalist design will become the accessory that will emphasize Hobbies, and help out directly in the campaigns.

Lighter Jack Daniel’s

Price: 490 rubles (discount 11%).

Another kerosene lighter, but in a more aggressive style. The lighter is very high quality, with great attention to detail.

Unusual socks

Price: 270 rubles.

If you want a fun gift, these socks are a great choice. Prints on socks for sure will delight the recipient — there are beer mugs, music, billiard balls and many others.

Shipping from Russia! Xbox One’s

Price: 23 990 rubles.

If you want to make a really big gift on February 23, better gaming console for many men and come up with! And now the consoles price dropped substantially. For example, a top Xbox One’s new games kit can be purchased at a decently reduced price.

Shipping from Russia! Gaming headphone

Price: 1592 ruble.

According to statistics, last year, gaming headphones have become one of the most purchased goods in the eve of February 23. This year it is expected a similar trend. I want to mention these gaming headphones from A4tech. Premium design, comfortable for long use case and great sound — gorgeous model!


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