iOS 13 much please!

Innovations 13 iOS continue to emerge. In the beginning of this week it became known that Apple finally change menu adjust the volume in iOS 13, update your outdated and irritating many users menu in the center of the screen. Now checked the sources of the journalist XDA max Weinbach reported large-scale processing of Safari in iOS 13. According to insiders, the Safari browser in iOS 13 will receive a “powerful increase in speed and efficiency.”

Specific innovations Safari in iOS 13 sources did not disclose. But it is known that the speed of opening web pages via Safari will increase significantly. Most likely, Apple is preparing a major upgrade of the Mozilla engine, and will be able to significantly speed up my work. Similar improvements can occur in a version of Safari for macOS 10.15.

So I just heard Safari is getting MAJOR improvements in speed and efficiency in iOS 13. Probably on macOS too but I don’t know that yet.

This isn’t iOS the news 13 I said earlier.

— Max Weinbach (@mweinbachXDA) February 22, 2019

iOS 13 will be presented on 3 June at the conference WWDC 2019. The final version of iOS 13 will be released in the second half of September.


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