Now, network sources argue about whether Apple is equipping its new smartphone with USB connector-C. Many believe that this year, the cupertinos will keep Lightning. However, judging by the recent discovery in the iOS Beta 1 13, the USB-C can still appear in iPhone 11, iPhone 11 iPhone Max XR 2019.

Recently users have noticed that iOS 13 kupertinovtsy revised the recovery screen. With him gone the iTunes logo – it was replaced by a icon laptop. Along with this change and the image cable. If the screen displayed a Lightning cable, in iOS 13 he was replaced by a schematic representation of the cable with the USB type-C.

In fact, the new recovery screen is the only hint of the imminent failure of Apple from the Lightning port. However, it is worth noting that while developers are available, only the first test Assembly of the new Apple’s mobile operating system. It is not excluded that the new recovery screen is displayed on an iPhone by mistake, and iOS 13 Beta 2 cupertinos again will return the image of the Lightning cable.

It is expected that the official announcement of the new generation of Apple smartphones is planned for September this year.


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