Gift ideas on February 23.

What to give the man on February 23? In this collection we have collected some original ideas for gifts for male holiday, which will definitely be better than ordinary socks or shaving cream. The selection is even superior quality flip flops in the style of popular football clubs!

Shipping from Russia! Leather crossbody bag

Price: 941 roubles (discount 45%).

Very high quality leather shoulder bag that would be a really useful gift. Bag checked — she has more than 3000 orders, and reviews buyers also emphasize the absence of any visible defects.


Price: 442 ruble (47% discount).

Stylish men’s wallet, which began to enjoy great popularity before February 23, including because of the big discounts. The wallet comes in three colors — any of them will fit men.


Price: 957 rubles (discount 33%).

And even more useful gift — a multitool! In this low-cost model has everything you need: knife, pliers, screwdrivers, openers and even a saw! Just have a multitool 13 tools and the special locking system, which makes use of the multi-tool safe.

Vacuum cleaner for car

Price: 841 ruble (12% discount).

Compact, yet powerful car vacuum cleaner. Would be a great gift for all men who love to keep the car clean.

“Bear claws” for cutting meat

Price: 272 rubles (20% discount).

Original gift for lovers of barbecue. With these “bear claws” will be really convenient to cut meat. And it’s not even that the hand will not get dirty — the use of such “claws” are really comfortable.

Shipping from Russia! Checked wireless headphones

Price: 887 rubles (discount 23%).

In many cases, ordered from AliExpress wireless headphones disappoint. In some cases, not happy with the sound, in others the battery life. We share proven with thousands of customers and we personally model, which it sold at a discount. These wireless headphones have excellent build, quality sound without rattles or other objectionable effects and time of work without recharging up to five hours.

Trimmer for nose and ears

Price: 300 rubles (discount 23%).

Inexpensive but proven trimmer for nose and ears. Will be a great gift for many men.

Shipping from Russia! Shaver

Price: 1093 ruble (47% discount).

Shaver for daily use. The razor has three heads, which rotate in such a way that together they easily reach all the problematic places. Shaver is protected against the ingress of water and has virtually 100% positive feedback.

External battery

Price: 956 rubles (30% discount).

Portable battery from a reputable manufacturer Baseus. Powerbank has a capacity of 10000 mAh. This means that it will charge an average smartphone 3-4 times. The battery is equipped with all necessary protection systems and has two connectors allowing you to charge two smartphones simultaneously at full speed.

Unusual lighter

Price: 410 rubles (discount 54%).

Original tungsten lighter, which will definitely surprise you. It is activated by means of the sensor that you want to put your finger. Immediately after that, a tungsten wire begins to heat up quickly — no fire.

Flip flops in the style of a favourite football club

Price: 1216 rubles.

A powerful gift for all football fans and flip — flop design the beloved football club. Especially highly recommend this particular store as it is the quality of the flip flops are just outrageous! Of course, flip flops are produced not only in the colors of “Barcelona” — the store has a model for other clubs.

Case for iPhone in the colors of your favorite club

Price: 226 roubles.

Cool cases for all iPhone models in the colors of the football clubs. Again, note that we found are not the cheap covers but the quality with sophisticated details. The difference between the covers for a measly 70 rubles.

Shipping from Russia! Cool men’s hip flask

Price: 674 ruble (discount 26%).

The original flask in a barrel! Suitable for both water and alcoholic beverages. The gift would be even better on February 23.

Whiskey stones

Price: from 196 rubles (discount 38%).

Stones for cooling whiskey — allow to cool a drink without cooling it. The stones are sold in different colors, to find a suitable definitely will.


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