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On AliExpress sell tons of products for health, which in Russia is either not find, or you can only buy them in stores, who themselves are purchased on Ali. Of course, at a premium. In this collection we’ve gathered 14 really necessary goods for the health improvements that will benefit the most.

Apron shaving

Price: 127 roubles (30% discount).

Really useful thing for all men. A special apron for shaving — is attached to the mirror on the suction cups and allows you to shave or trim the beard without the need after to remove the hair.

Shipping from Russia! Electric toothbrush Oral-B

Price: 1011 roubles (discount 65%).

Real electric toothbrush from Oral-B, which is a real hit on the site Tmall. Tested by thousands of buyers brush from a renowned manufacturer will provide an opportunity to make the process of brushing much more effective. Manufacturer, well-known company Oral-B promises a noticeable effect already after 21 days of brushing. Note that the brush is temporarily sold with a huge discount.

Toothbrushes Xiaomi (4 PCs)

Price: 498 roubles (discount 29%).

And this is the most simple toothbrush, but from the company Xiaomi, which in China is known not only for its smartphones. Included are four brushes in a stylish minimalist design. In reviews customers note that brush is not only beautiful but also qualitatively doing their job.

Belt for correct posture

Price: 232 ruble (discount 32%).

A very useful thing for many people is a special belt for back support and correct posture. The strap really works — it causes the back to straighten up throughout the day. As aptly emphasized by the buyers in the reviews, the effect from a plain back becomes visible not only to themselves but also to others literally on the first day.

The original sleep mask

Price: 87 roubles (discount 35%).

Funny sleep mask with unusual prints. Suitable for everyone who knows how important it is to sleep in complete darkness (because the only way our body produces melatonin), but he likes to stay original, even in a dream.

Bleach teeth

Price: 86 rubles (15% discount).

It is worth noting that this is a temporary whitener teeth, not a means to enhance the whiteness of your teeth forever. However, despite this, almost 13 thousand orders — half of them in the last two months! The secret of success of a product is quite clear — bleach allows you to quickly and noticeably brighten the teeth, for example, before a job interview or a date.

Chinese patch for pain management

Price: 221 rubles (discount 83%).

A real hit in China — the patch to relieve pain anywhere. The warming effect of the patch is felt instantly, but most importantly it helps relieve pain anywhere in just a few minutes.

Trainer press for the lazy

Price: 607 rubles (discount 34%).

If you want to look good in the summer, now is the time to do them. No time? Then pay attention to this simulator for the press, and other muscles, which allows you to swing in a passive mode. Note again that the product is proven by thousands of customers — reviews the vast majority of praise.

Roller abdominal

Price: 1289 rubles (discount 35%).

But if you have the time and desire to do your body and improve it to the fly, then you’ll definitely need a roller for abdominal and other muscles. This movie is not the cheapest, but this is due to its quality. This is not some hack “from the basement”, and a simulator for training for a long time.

Chinese jade balls to massage

Price: 642 ruble (discount 37%).

Beads of jade for massage. Can be used by one person directly into, for example, to massage the palms. This is another traditional Chinese product, which in Russia is to find problematic.

The fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Price: 1688 rubles (20% discount).

The fitness bracelet is a great motivator for playing sports or just increasing activity. And best inexpensive fitness bracelet is, of course, Xiaomi Mi Band 3. The gadget monitors the activity, including various sports activities, monitors quality of sleep and even pulse!

Supersmile Facials

Price: 63 rubles (6% discount).

Fancy moisturizing mask for the face. Their key feature in the original design. On the face of such masks become faces of the tiger, Panda and other animals. A great buy for all women or as a custom gift for the coming 8th of March.

Electric shaver Xiaomi

Price: 2393 ruble (28% discount).

Shaver from Xiaomi — looks modern, has a perfect Assembly with high quality materials and multiple modes of operation. Like any other Xiaomi device, the razor is incredible popular in China. However, as shown by reviews in Russia, the razor is also rapidly gaining popularity.

Shipping from Russia! Scales

Price: 1214 rubles (15% discount).

Smart bathroom scales from a reputable manufacturer Galaxy. Scales not only measure weight, but also determine the level of water and fat, muscle and bone mass. A great buy for all who are determined to lose weight.


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