The need for it professionals growing at super-speeds, all the spheres are developing a digital community and this becomes an additional track in the development of our education. A graduate of the modern school needs to be competitive in today’s labor market.

Apple, Google, Yandex and other it company in the recruitment and evaluation of applicants exhibit the main criteria of experience and motivation.

Can a student who graduated from school to have this experience? Of course, maybe if he’s a student of it class.

Unique Russian experience in the field of education: 30 it classes of schools of the city of Moscow, which GBOU School № 1400 became one of the first.

A new educational project “it-class at the Moscow school” starts in GBOU School № 1400 from September 1, 2019. In this project, students will have the opportunity to gain experience in areas such as:

— programming: formation of skills of developing algorithms and writing code in various programming languages;

— simulation and prototyping: development of skills in 3D modeling, prototyping equipment and its elements, engineering drawing and industrial design;

— robotics: formation of skills of designing, constructing and programming robotic systems; training is based on the knowledge of programming, mechanics, mechatronics, electrical engineering, electronics and automatic control;

— It security: training in data protection;

— communication technology: the formation of skills in programming, setup, configuration, usage, telecommunications systems, equipment, communication protocols; in the context of learning the students learn to design telecommunications equipment, devices and systems;

— big data: developing skills for working with large data sets, data analysis, elements of machine learning; learning builds upon knowledge from the field of algorithms and data structures, probability theory and linear algebra, statistics

For all students it class GBOU School №1400 has the opportunity to gain experience in these areas, the most demanded in the labour market all over the world! And this is a stable income and a secure future.

Partners of the it-class are such companies as Yandex, 1C, Kaspersky Lab, ABBYY, “InfoWatch”, the digital areas (e-Legion), Multimedia technologies, Code security, and many others. Students have a unique opportunity to Express yourself in these companies before they go to a prestigious UNIVERSITY.

It class support such top educational institutions as the national research University “Higher school of Economics, Moscow State technical University named after N. E. Bauman, national research University Moscow physical-technical University, Moscow Polytechnic University, Saint-Petersburg national research University of information technologies, mechanics and optics”. Pupils of the it class of School № 1400 touch the life of a student of these universities, and at the end of the school able to make an informed choice of future profession in the field of digitization.

To achieve high educational outcomes in the secondary School №1400 has everything you need: experienced teaching staff, classrooms equipped with the most modern equipment. The school has its own it-polygon: information technology campus where everyone can realize their projects and new engineering solutions.

The educational process is organized taking into account individual educational trajectories for students in the it class and is divided into four components: basic course, additional education, through courses, special courses.

Training in the it class is a sound investment in the future!

School No. 1400 of the city of Moscow accepts applications from graduates of 9 classes for the following places in the it class. The procedure of admission is on a competitive basis in two stages. Time of acceptance of applications — up to 16 June 2019.

The order receipt in the it class can be found on the website at:
Ask all the questions you can send an e-mail of the educational organization [email protected]
We are waiting for You!

Director GBOU School № 1400 Davydova Marina Vasil’evna.

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