Cheap but high quality!

Fresh selection of great products from AliExpress at low prices. In this issue: universal waterproof pouch for all smartphones, glove with built-in flashlights, wireless headsets and more.

1. Waterproof case

Price: 95 rubles (28% discount).

Tested waterproof case for all smartphones. The case is really reliable — never misses the water or the sand. What’s even nicer, the case is very cheap. Waterproof cases for specific smartphone models in some cases are 30 times more expensive!

2. Protective glass for iPhone

Price: 139 roubles (discount 41%).

High-quality protective glass for iPhone. Glass protects the smartphone display from scratches. The store has glass on all the most popular iPhone models.

3. Joystick for smartphone

Price: 198 roubles.

Joystick for smartphone that will significantly raise the level of play in mobile games. This is especially true of mobile hits PUBG and Fortnite, in which the joystick has the greatest impact.

4. Original case for iPhone

Price: 184 rubles (discount 45%).

Stylish translucent case for all iPhone models. The case has a small, but noticeable gradient layer, which will make the appearance of the smartphone. The case is very slim smartphone because it will not be unpleasant to use.

5. Charging adapter

Price: 134 rubles (10% discount).

Cheap charger adapter with two USB ports. Will allow you to charge two devices at the same time.

6. Awesome decals for your controller

Price: 99 rubles (discount 39%).

Pretty sticker for DualShock 4 controller. The stickers are very high quality, and buyers reviews say that stick them on the joystick was a snap. The reviews also have pictures of your controllers from buyers — the stickers do look awesome.

7. Wireless headphones

Price: 132 rubles (discount 52%).

Cheap wireless headphones on AliExpress, at least for now, when they are on sale. For your money headphones give decent sound, what surprised misleading, almost all buyers.

8. USB hub

Price: 134 rubles (15% discount).

Cheap USB hub on four ports. The device will allow to connect to the computer anymore USB devices.

9. Original earphone

Price: 115 rubles.

Wired headphones with an unusual design. The sound of the headphones is quite good for such a low price. Expect some amazing sound, of course, not necessary, but for 115 rubles sounding very happy.

10. Mini player

Price: 146 rubles (discount 12%).

A compact player with a slot for a microSD card. Download music to a USB flash drive inserted into the player and spend the battery life of the smartphone for listening to music is no longer necessary! The player also has control buttons in the style of iPod, and even a small display.

11. Pen Xiaomi

Price: 199 roubles (20% discount).

Quality minimalist pen from Xiaomi. The handle is very durable and feels nice in the hand. It is nice that rod to the handle can be changed, so will last a long time.

12. Toothbrush Xiaomi

Price: 166 roubles.

And another product from the ubiquitous Xiaomi. This is the regular toothbrush, but with some design! The minimalistic appearance of the toothbrush will definitely be enjoyed by many.

13. Spoon for tea

Price: 114 roubles (discount 35%).

Convenient spoon for brewing tea. Unlike metal counterparts, it is really easy to use and easy to clean.

14. Bakeware in the form of emojis

Price: 78 roubles (7% discount).

Unusual shape for baking in the form of various Emoji.

15. Glove with flashlight

Price: 97 roubles (discount 27%).

Literally compulsory for many men buying. A glove with two built-in flashlights. Will allow you to highlight anything, thus leaving your hands free.


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