Fresh selection of great products from AliExpress!

We present to your attention new findings from AliExpress at decent discount prices! In this issue: the best smart watch Xiaomi, gaming headphone with pulsating lights, amazingly beautiful vintage picture of the “world Map”, universal stand, made in the form of popular character “Guardians Galaxy” Groot and many more.

Note: mark “Hit AliExpress” installed on those goods which were bought in quantities of several thousand units over the past three months and have positive feedback.

Hit AliExpress! Smart watch Xiaomi Amazfit Bip (shipping from Russia)

Price: 4 415 rubles (discount 31%).

Best smart watch Xiaomi became available at the very best price. Amazfit Bip have a great modern design, working time up to 45 days on a single charge, heart rate monitor and a complete set of the classic features of a smart watch. The perfect choice for those who want to buy a smart watch, but do not want to overpay.

External battery

Price: 1 127 rubles (discount 35%).

External battery capacity of 10000 mAh and two USB sockets for charging two devices at the same time. In addition to technical characteristics, the battery draws its design. Its case has a nice textured surface.

Stylish watch

Price: 325 roubles (30% discount).

Simple but very nice watch. No “smart” functions in them, but there are cool modern design, including effectively allocated to the second hand.

Joystick for smartphone

Price: 1 613 rubles (discount 22%).

Universal joystick for smartphones with wireless connection. Its key feature is the ergonomics. A gamepad is so convenient to operate that the smartphone is turning into a full-fledged gaming console.

Gaming headphone

Price: 1 408 rubles (discount 35%).

Spectacular gaming headphones with an unusual design. They successfully combined a simple and modern styles, and the bonus is the pulsating RGB backlight on the sides. As for the sound, it is loud, rich and clean. Also, importantly, headphones equipped with a microphone.

Backpack with charger for smartphone

Price: 1 083 ruble (discount 49%).

Multifunction design with all the “chip” is a special place for external battery and output USB output port. Connecting the battery to a backpack, you can charge your smartphone on the go. The backpack itself is made of very durable waterproof material.

Wireless headphones

Price: 311 rubles (25% discount).

Compact wireless headphones with protection from sweat and built-in microphone. Sound very loud and clean, especially for its price. Time battery life — 4 hours. Just go to the gym, workout and back.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Price: 1 709 rubles (discount 45%).

Chic budget fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3 (detailed review) has again become cheaper. After a sharp jump in prices in late summer gadget pleasantly fell and became more affordable. The set of features Xiaomi Mi Band 3 surprisingly large for such a low price: sending notifications from your smartphone, activity tracking, heart rate, sleep quality and much more.

Lens for smartphone

Price: 999 rubles (20% discount).

Large versatile lens for camera smartphone. Will allow you to capture great and detailed macro photos in high quality. The lens attaches to the smartphone at a special clothespin, whereby the device body does not scratch.

The picture of the “world Map”

Price: 290 rubles (30% discount).

Large and high quality picture “world Map” in a vintage style. Will decorate any interior. The modern it will add flavor, but the classic just brings another interesting detail.

HIT AliExpress! Magnetic smartphone holder for car

Price: 165 roubles (20% discount).

Compact but very powerful for a smartphone holder for the car. Despite its size, the smartphone it is attached very securely, with no chance to fall.

Pencil case-cat

Price: 177 rubles (discount 29%).

Original pencil cases, made in the form of funny cats. A great gift for a child student. Especially if he constantly loses pens and pencils.

Pot for flowers “Groot”

Price: 603 ruble (61%).

Stand in the shape of the character Groot from the film Guardians of the Galaxy. The original stand was reflected as a small pot for flowers, but buyers are using it as a holder of various small items.

Stylish water bottle

Price: 577 rubles (discount 31%).

Autumn is the best time to start losing weight for summer, and this means going to the fitness club. During class you should drink a lot of water, what will help here is a cute bottle with a tight fitting lid. The bottle is made of high quality plastic no BPA, so the water does not remain unpleasant taste. And in General there is a glass bottle.

Xiaomi Redmi 6A 2/16 GB (shipping from Russia)

Price: 6 591 rouble (discount 12%).

“The king of budget smartphones” Xiaomi Redmi 6A, finally, fell. Smartphone from 5.45-inch full display, thin body, powerful processor and a dual 13-megapixel camera sold at the same price as at the start of sales. Then there were special discount Xiaomi, but after the model has risen strongly. And here’s the discount back, it’s time to take!


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