Cool new products from Aliexpress that you can take!

Fresh selection of great products from AliExpress at decently discounted prices. In this issue: the most desirable wireless speaker JBL Pulse 3 with this large discount, high quality backpack Xiaomi, universal robot cleaner, sticker-cat toilet and much more!

Shipping from Russia! Bluetooth speaker JBL Pulse 3

Price: 8 682 ruble (discount 21%).

The most desirable wireless speaker JBL Pulse 3 decently cheaper. The discount is real — only in Tmall column can be purchased at a low price. The key feature of Pulse 3 is not traditionally gorgeous, the JBL sound, protection from water or for a long period of time. During playback, the column shimmers different colours in time to the music. It looks really fascinating.

Poster “Death Star”

Price: 121 rouble (discount 19%).

A great gift for all fans of the universe of “Star Wars”. A large poster with a picture of the Death Star is very high quality, which is surprising for its low prices. Particularly pleased with the detail of the poster — it is on top.

Backpack Xiaomi

Price: 510 roubles (20% discount).

Xiaomi has long been famous for not only smartphones and external battery. Backpacks Xiaomi are getting extremely positive feedback for its modern design and durable materials. One of those nice backpacks fell this week.

Wireless headphones

Price: 1 rouble 271 (73%).

Cool wireless headphones with a clear and loud sound from the water. Headphones are very light, but at the same time without problems play music for 8 hours. Impressive for such a compact device. In appearance similar to the popular headphones model Beats.

Fully wireless headphone

Price: 1 682 ruble (50% discount).

If you want headphones that have no wires, then you should look to this model. Fully Autonomous headphones have good sound and work time of 3.5 hours. But not in a hurry to flip through! The included charging case, which is transferred headphones allows charge them three times.

Shipping from Russia! “Smart” lamp

Price: 1 008 rubles (25% discount).

“Smart” bulb from AliExpress manufacturer PLAYBULB. The lamp is controlled directly from your smartphone and can Shine in millions of different colors. Including the lamp can display a transition from one color to another that looks the most original.

Shipping from Russia! Smart watch Xiaomi Amazfit Bip

Price: 4 351 ruble (discount 32%).

Most popular watch all Tmall. Yes, it’s not the Apple Watch, namely Xiaomi Amazfit Bip. Reasons of the gadget is more than eight thousand orders, a lot. Hours of work 45 days on a single charge, to monitor any activity and measure heart rate and transmit notifications from your smartphone. A set of functions Amazfit Bip, provided their prices are really impressive.

8-bit glasses

Price: 160 rubles (discount 52%).

8-bit glasses, which are well known to anyone who has ever watched a compilation on YouTube. Glasses are not only dramatically increase your level of “coolness”, but will last a long time. They are made of durable plastic, which, according to reviews, is kept very firmly.

The minimalistic grinder

Price: 560 roubles (discount 27%).

Looking at this hand grinder, it may seem that its manufacturer is Xiaomi. But not only the Chinese giant is able to create a device with a minimalist design, the other is also tightened. The grinder housing is made of durable aluminum, and the process of grind of the beans is very fast.

Aluminum stand for smartphone

Price: 322 ruble (20% discount).

Usually inexpensive stand for smartphone from AliExpress made of plastic. They are very light and are often unable to hold smartphones. This stand, in spite of its low price, made of aluminum, whereby it has enough weight to hold any smartphone. Also note the cutout for the cable. It will allow you to charge your smartphone and at the same time to watch anything on the device screen.

HIT AliExpress! Original socks

Price: 103 roubles (discount 23%).

A real hit the last few weeks on AliExpress socks with the image of the creations of great artists. Socks with “Scream” by Munch, “JohnDoe” Leonardo da Vinci, “the Starry night” by van Gogh and other paintings of the greatest figures not only warm in autumn and winter, but would certainly raise the mood with its originality.

Shipping from Russia! Screwdriver set from Xiaomi

Price: 1 435 rubles (discount 44%).

And another product from Xiaomi in our collection, past which we could not pass because of the great discounts on it. This set of 24 magnetic screwdrivers and bits on all occasions. The quality of materials is prohibitive, as explicitly says the rating to full five stars with 1800 reviews.

HIT AliExpress! Charging cable for iPhone

Price: from 335 rubles (30% discount).

Durable charging cable for iPhone from well-known manufacturer Ugreen. The cable is certified by Apple, so the problems with its definition will not arise. However, the important thing is, of course, its high durability and reliability. This cable will not break in a few months.

HIT AliExpress! Sticker-cat on the toilet

Price: 59 roubles (discount 26%).

The last collection we told you about high-quality lighting for the toilet, but this is on another queue “toilet accessory”. Which, incidentally, is just wildly popular (more than 20 thousand purchases). This sticker with a picture of a cat, which can be pasted on various parts of the toilet — get funny. Note that when you purchase it is important to choose what kind of sticker you want.

Shipping from Russia! Robot vacuum cleaner

Price: 8 840 rubles (discount 48%).

Autumn is a time when many people waking up universal lazy and they can’t even bring myself to get out. This cool robot vacuum cleaner from iLife to think about cleaning and don’t have to. The robot will map your home and will get out on schedule, meticulously checking every corner of the presence of debris. Robot Russia sends Tmall. This means that an expensive product will be delivered safe and sound within a maximum of five days (usually even less).


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