Great products at discount prices!

Fresh selection of interesting and quality products from AliExpress with great discounts! In this issue: the best Xiaomi gadgets for the home, wireless headphone Meizu case which completely solve the problem with the discharge of iPhone, the “ripple” back and more!

HIT of sales! “Smart” light bulb Xiaomi

Price: 1 210 rubles (discount 38%).

If someone in China makes a really quality smart light bulbs, it is Xiaomi. Light from Xiaomi is controlled from a smartphone and can Shine in millions of different colors. The user, of course, it is possible to adjust the brightness. For example, in order to make the light the most comfortable evening after a hard day.

Wireless headphones Meizu

Price: 2 520 rubles (25% discount).

One of the most popular wireless headphones on AliExpress from Meizu. Headphones just designed to engage them in sports. They are very light (each earphone weighs just 3 grams) and protected from water. But most importantly, of course, it’s a clean and rich sound, which is considered a key advantage of the model over its competitors in the same price category.

“Smart” socket

Price: 1 063 rubles (25% discount).

Another “smart” device in our collection. This is a socket that can be controlled directly from your smartphone. Through a special application for iOS or Android the socket can be turned on and off and to adjust the period of its operation. A very useful thing, especially for those who constantly forgets — off devices whether at home or not.

Fully wireless headphone

Price: 1 526 rubles (40% discount).

In that case, if you want to abandon the wires in the headphones completely, you ought to look at this inexpensive model. Fully wireless headphones with loud sound quality support Bluetooth 4.1 and can work at a distance up to 10 meters from sound source. Headphones work up to four hours of music playback, but thanks to the charging case replenish its charge three times.

External battery 20000 mAh

Price: 780 roubles (71%).

Beautiful and functional external battery for the most demanding. Battery capacity is as high as 20000 mAh, which will allow you to charge any smartphone multiple full time. And some SE iPhone or iPhone 6 not able to work for an entire week eating only from one charge of this powerbank.

Stick for musicians

Price: from 205 rubles (discount 29%).

The original flash drive for those who are engaged in music. Disks from 4 to 64 GB made in the form of different musical instruments from guitar to flute. We recommend to take a flash drive at least 8 GB, since the price difference with the model with 4 GB is ridiculous.

5D, a protective glass for iPhone

Price: 162 ruble (discount 34%).

5D super-tough protective glass for iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone Plus and iPhone 7/7 8/8 Plus. If you just got a defective film or glass, which has to change constantly because of scratches, chips or cracks, this model is definitely for you. The number of rave reviews is direct proof of that.

Screwdriver set from Xiaomi

Price: 1 375 rubles (discount 44%).

Another quality product from Xiaomi — a screwdriver and a set of 24 magnetic bits of various shapes and sizes. A chic purchase for anyone who wants to disassemble small devices with real comfort. To disassemble the smartphone, for example, to replace the battery, using this set will not be easy. It is important to note that the screwdriver bits are of the highest strength.

Massager for back

Price: 66 rubles (discount 35%).

But the easiest but the most pleasant item of today’s selections. This massager for the back will give you genuine pleasure, even when the back is not itchy and not itchy. An unforgettable experience that you are sure you have not felt assured.


Price: 322 ruble (discount 48%).

Another product which can simply and without “smart” technology to improve the quality of life. It’s a showerhead with lots of holes, through which the water passes, without any difficulty. Mount Leica standard, and the case is made from durable aluminium — the developers even tried to crush his car. Mandatory purchase for those who have shower stopped “to beat fountain”.

Case-battery for iPhone

Price: 1 211 rubles (40% discount).

The gadget is able to deliver all iPhone from the main headache. This is a beautiful and slim case, which features a battery capacity of from 3000 to 4200 mAh, depending on model. Investing iPhone in such a case you will increase its battery life from twice! In this case only beautify the appearance of the iPhone and make the smartphone frankly fat. Cover-battery for sale iPhone models from iPhone to iPhone 6/6 Plus 8/8 Plus.

Dryer for shoes

Price: 560 roubles (28% discount).

There comes a time, when it becomes wet, dirty, and sometimes even disgusting. And last this time until the middle of spring, so it’s time to think about caring for shoes and feet. We found in the vast AliExpress high quality and tested the dryer, which will eliminate any problems with the shoes in the “wet” season.

Wireless mouse

Price: 324 rubles (25% discount).

But the best wireless mouse on AliExpress ratio “price-quality”. Compact mouse connects to the computer via Bluetooth, and complete with a “rodent” comes to the Bluetooth receiver. Best of all is the mouse will work, of course, for a laptop.

“Marble” covers for iPhone

Price: 160 rubles (25% discount).

Beautiful cases for various iPhone models. Covers made of marble and is an original solution like customers. This month’s covers were the most purchased on AliExpress! And feedback from buyers are talking about one case worth buying.


Price: 268 (20% discount).

Another product that will help in the winter. Modern thermometer and hygrometer in one device will show the exact temperature and humidity in the room. The device can be installed on a table or shelf due to the convenient stand.


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