Great products Ali!

Fresh selection of cool goods from AliExpress at decent discount prices! In this issue: unusual magnetic charging cable is a smartphone, a budget tape of the cable chaos, the smart watch in the style of Apple Watch, Nike+ and products to create Christmas mood, better order it now so they have time to come to the new year.

HIT AliExpress! Magnetic charging cable

Price: from 84 rubles (discount 39%).

Immense popularity on AliExpress scored an unusual magnetic charging cables for smartphones. The reason — charging is using them really convenient. In addition, to break or to damage a cable in the weakest part of the connector is almost impossible. We found the cable from PZOZ were sold in the amount of tens of thousands (!) pieces literally for the last three weeks. Note that the version of the cable as with Lightning connector for iPhone and microUSB and USB-C for Android devices.

HIT AliExpress! Tempered safety glass for Xiaomi smartphones

Price: 57 roubles (25% discount).

Xiaomi smartphones every month is becoming increasingly popular in Russia. If you own one of the smartphones of the Chinese company, it can reliably protect the display of your device that is extremely durable protective glass. The store model glasses for different smartphones Xiaomi.

Tape for cable management

Price: from 77 rubles (discount 27%).

Most people at the computer table there is chaos of wires. And it not only looks awful, but corny and difficult cleaning. To solve the problem once and for all will help here’s a proven by thousands of customers tape to organize cables from a reputable manufacturer Ugreen. The tape looks very modern and is easy to use.

External battery with support for wireless charging

Price: 988 roubles (discount 34%).

One of the original external battery. The model has the capacity of 20000 mAh and support wireless charging! On the external battery you can put any smartphone supporting wireless charging and completion of charge will begin.

HIT AliExpress! The best screen protector glass for iPhone

Price: from 126 rubles (discount 49%).

And since we have noted above that tested protective glass for Xiaomi smartphones, it will include the selection and the best safety glass for your iPhone. This glass really is recognized as the best iPhone number of orders and positive feedback he is higher than any other models. Glass is very reliable and is sold for most iPhone models.

Smart watch from Apple Watch

Price: 2 099 rubles (discount 57%).

Apple Watch in Russia do not hasten to become cheaper. Fortunately, Chinese manufacturers are all excellent alternatives that often look just like Apple Watch. This model has a special affinity with a special version of the Apple Watch, Nike+. As for the feature set, the gadget can do everything: starting from the transfer of notifications from a smartphone, ending the tracking of any activity and heart rate measurement.

Magnetic smartphone holder for car

Price: from 175 rubles (discount 56%).

Proven magnetic holder for smartphone in the car. It is very easy to install, available in various colors, but the main thing — confidently holding a smartphone of any size.

HIT AliExpress! Universal stand for smartphone

Price: 32 rubles (discount 26%).

Nice colorful stand for smartphones. The stand is made of plastic, but due to its design can hold heavy smartphones, even the latest iPhone.

HIT AliExpress! Case for iPhone

Price: 40 rubles (discount 41%).

One of the most popular cases for iPhone. The covers are made of durable silicone and have a texture like diamonds. Girls madly in love, because of which the number of orders of the case has exceeded 38 thousand!

The decorations on the Christmas tree

Price: 69 roubles (25% discount).

Even if you don’t feel the imminent approach of the New year, think about creating a festive mood you need. If you will watch original Christmas decorations on AliExpress, they will come to you just a couple of weeks before the holiday, and will be able to decorate your house. This year on AliExpress often buy here are festive bows — they look favorably on the tree and individual ornaments.

HIT AliExpress! Unusual garland

Price: from 125 rubles (30% discount).

Various garlands on AliExpress just a whole sea, and many of them are unique to find in the Russian shops will be problematic. For example, it is possible to buy here such unusual wicker balls inside which is led. Garland looks modern, but at the same time festive.

Christmas decorations toilet

Price: from 207 rubles (discount 37%).

In previous collections we have talked about various original accessories for the toilet, for example, cool lighting. But the Chinese didn’t stop there. Especially for the New year they launched the sale of holiday decorations for the toilet, which, suddenly, are in a great demand!

Festive cushion covers for pillows

Price: 103 roubles (40% discount).

Cool pillows size 45*45 cm Pillow case made in a Christmas theme and will allow you to create a more festive mood.

HIT AliExpress! Garland

Price: from 178 rubles (30% discount).

More traditional garlands in the form of stars or snowflakes. Perfect to decorate anything, including the tree.

Christmas plush toy

Price: 116 roubles (20% discount).

Funny plush toy in Christmas theme. There are small versions of toys that work perfectly for the Christmas tree. And version more can just decorate the room.


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