Collection of cool goods from Aliexpress!

Fresh selection of great products from AliExpress at decent discount prices! In this issue: unusual kitchen accessories that have become hits on AliExpress, very cheap wireless headphone with good sound, lights TV, original iPhone cases and more!

Shipping from Russia! Smart watch Xiaomi Amazfit Bip

Price: 4 287 rubles (discount 33%).

Best cheap smart watch in the world, which, as it became known, allowed Xiaomi for the first time to circumvent Apple sales of wearable devices! However, this result is not very surprising, as Xiaomi Amazfit Bip really cool smart watches that have a modern design, large display, lots of features and most importantly time of work without recharging for a whole 45 days! For comparison, the Apple Watch work on a single charge.

Shipping from Russia! Sandwich Maker Philips

Price: 1 387 rubles (50% discount).

Great sandwich maker from Philips, which is becoming more popular on Tmall. Sandwich has a high capacity, comfortable stay-cool handle and nonstick coating makes it extremely easy to clean. Held in November, the sales of Tmall this kitchen gadget was dismantled literally in the first day. But now he again appeared in the sale.

HIT of sales! Filter for sink

Price: 49 roubles (47% discount).

And speaking of useful kitchen things, it should be noted that such a simple but clever filter for the sink. Over the last couple of weeks he became a real bestseller on AliExpress. Buyers choose the filter, not only because of its modest price, but also because it is much better than conventional counterparts.

Opener “Millennium Falcon”

Price: 68 roubles (30% discount).

Don’t know what to give to a fan of the universe of “Star wars” for the New year? Note the can opener is made in the form of the legendary “Millennium Falcon”. Any fan of “Star wars” will be happy this gift, which can be used simply as a keychain.

The cheapest wireless headphones

Price: 132 rubles (discount 48%).

On AliExpress presents a huge number of different wireless headphones, but it’s the cheapest. Of course, the sound of them worse than the much more expensive counterparts. However, buyers are surprised to note that the sound is more than acceptable for the price you do not expect.

HIT of sales! Wireless headphones Bluedio

Price: 1 234 ruble (54% discount).

If you want to get more serious headphones, you should look at this extremely popular model from a reputable manufacturer Bluedio. Headphones are available in various original colors, have great clean and loud sound and can work for 12 hours without having to recharge.

Glow in the dark stars

Price: 82 ruble (discount 52%).

Another great gift idea for winter holidays — glow in the dark stars. If you had this in childhood, then you will certainly remember how nice it was to fall asleep looking at them.

Shipping from Russia! Toothbrush ORAL-B

Price: 1 473 rubles (discount 49%).

A traditional bestseller, electric toothbrush ORAL-B, fell sharply. This brush is known to all of the company safely and gently removes dark spots, strengthens the gums and has several unusual features. For example, a timer that will make sure that you clean the teeth for sufficient time.

3D sticker that glows in the dark

Price: from 19 rubles (discount 26%).

Very unusual 3D-sticker with a picture of a Land that glows in the dark. A nice gift or buy for yourself to make the room more originality.

HIT of sales! Unusual cases for iPhone

Price: 114 roubles (50% discount).

One of the most original iPhone cases that we’ve seen lately. In these cases applied a variety of patterns which protrude slightly above the shell and form a relief surface. The covers went on sale recently, but has already become one of the most purchased.

Case for storing headphones

Price: from 42 rubles (discount 52%).

If you always fight with your wired headphones and are tired of the fact that they are constantly confused, it’s time to solve this problem. Help here’s a neat little case in which to store the headphones and not worry that their wires get screwed up.

The original garland for bottles

Price: 70 rubles (40% discount).

In the eve of new year holidays on AliExpress special popularity gained various garlands. Including such unique designs created for the decoration of bottles. If you order them now, they will come just before the New year!

HIT of sales! Toothbrushes Xiaomi

Price: 353 ruble (discount 23%).

And this is a regular toothbrush, not electric. But brush created by designers Xiaomi, which did a good job. The brush has a stylish minimalistic design to find something similar from other companies will be difficult.

The backlight for the TV

Price: from 136 rubles (30% discount).

Led TV with the possibility to control with the supplied remote. This is certainly not the Ambilight, but the TV will definitely adorn and make watching movies or TV series much more cozy.

HIT of sales! Aluminum stand for smartphone

Price: 343 rubles (30% discount).

Powerful aluminium stand in a minimalist design. Stand though is slightly more expensive than the usual plastic models, but it will become a full-fledged accessory to your desktop, which looks nice, and properly performs its function.


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