A fresh batch of quality products!

Collected a fresh selection of cool goods from Aliexpress at much reduced prices! This collection was particularly rich in major discounts, as now in Tmall takes place new year’s sale. In this collection, the best and quite affordable smart bulb, a great smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note with 5 nearly double markdown unreal completely wireless headphones and much more!

HIT AliExpress! “Smart” light bulb

Price: 1 252 ruble (discount 39%).

One of the most popular and proven “smart” light bulbs in the vastness of AliExpress. Light can illuminate 16 million different colors and is controlled directly from your smartphone. Including, you can customize various usage scenarios, for example, automatic switching on or off. IPhone owners to use this light bulb will be more convenient, as it supports the application. This option, incidentally, is not most “smart” light bulbs from AliExpress.

Compact flash drive

Price: from 203 rubles (discount 60%).

Quality compact flash drive, which is always useful. USB flash drive has a nice design and a really affordable price in the ongoing sales. For example, the model by as much as 32 GB can be bought for 236 rubles! The difference with model 4 GB temporarily is only 30 rubles, so I advise to take the version with the bigger capacity.

Shipping from Russia! Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

Price: 11 994 of the ruble (40% discount).

One of the best budget smartphones Xiaomi just collapsed in price in launched recently the new year sale Tmall. Xiaomi Redmi Note with 5 full-length display, OCTA core Snapdragon processor 636, 4 GB RAM and dual camera with a resolution of 12+5 MP dropped in price by almost half! You need to take!

Car holder for smartphone

Price: 119 roubles (discount 65%).

If you are constantly faced with the problem of mounting a successful smartphone in the car, this holder will rescue you. It is universal and suitable for any smartphone. But the holder is reliable and will not give the mobile to fall.

Shipping from Russia! Monopod tripod Selfie Stick for Xiaomi Mi

Price: 1 239 rubles (discount 38%).

Cool gadget from Xiaomi, which combines a monopod and a tripod. The accessory is also versatile — suitable for smartphone with a display of any size, and, of course, not only from Xiaomi.

HIT AliExpress! Case for iPhone

Price: from 70 rubles (20% discount).

One of the most popular iPhone case on AliExpress over the last few weeks. A simple case in nice soft colors has a cutout for the logo than it is likely to attract buyers.

Shipping from Russia! External battery pack Romoss Sense 6P

Price: 1 126 rubles (47% discount).

Proven external battery from a reputable manufacturer Romoss. This is a model that is much cheaper on sale Tmall, has a capacity of 20000 mAh! So you just forget about the fact that the smartphone is constantly discharged. It’s nice that the service battery is made from Russia, and a courier service. Just a couple of days and the problem with rapidly discharge the smartphone, including due to frost, solved!

Shipping from Russia! Multipacker Redmond RMB-M731/3

Price: 2 516 rubles (64%).

Another great product from sales Tmall is growing in popularity multipacker from the well-known Redmond company. An indispensable kitchen companion allows you to bake sand-even nuts! Included are various panels that are responsible for a variety of dishes.

Flash for selfie smartphone camera

Price: from 212 rubles (discount 37%).

Tired of your selfies turn out bad due to lack of lighting? And to solve this common problem is a special accessory. This is a special flash for the camera smartphone, which works when shooting. Through it you will be able to achieve the perfect selfie even when you rent a home with bad artificial lighting.

Tablet Xiaomi Mi Pad 4

Price: from 11 981 rouble (25% discount).

For anybody not a secret that if you buy Android tablet, good enough as cheap models can be sent to a landfill after a couple of months. The excellent Android tablets in addition to Samsung pleases ubiquitous company Xiaomi. Flagship model the Mi Pad is equipped with 4 high-quality 8-inch display, OCTA core Snapdragon processor 660 and the battery capacity of a whopping 6000 mAh capacity! Also the tablet is a great main camera with a resolution of 13 MP.

Shipping from Russia! Wireless headphones Elari NanoPods

Price: 3 792 ruble (discount 24%).

Cool completely wireless headphones from popular Russian brand Elari. On sale Tmall headphones have fallen in price most strongly. The headphones have a gorgeous sound, already traditional for the company Elari, comfortable for longer listening to body and time battery life of 3.5 hours. But, as AirPods, headphones can be placed in the supplied charging case and triple the battery life.

A set of kitchen knives

Price: 1 456 rubles (79%).

Great set of six high quality knives, made of stainless steel. In the last couple of weeks, the kit also began to gain popularity. However, this is not surprising, since the buyers reviews say that the knives are very high quality.

Shipping from Russia! Gaming keyboard A4Tech Bloody B314

Price: 1 754 ruble (discount 45%).

A popular and inexpensive gaming keyboard from A4Tech. The model has a bright backlight, minimal input lag and a special gaming mode which disables the Windows key.

Portable speakers

Price: 1 926 rubles (discount 52%).

Powerful Bluetooth speaker in stylish design. Clean loud sound speakers complements the battery life to 10 hours protection from water. A chic purchase for your money, including as a gift.

HIT AliExpress! Wireless headphones Wavefun

Price: 1 293 rubles (discount of 73%).

If you want wireless headphones a little easier, but also cheaper, better to this model from Wavefun not found. Stylish earphones with a comfortable ear mount, great loud sound with rich bass from the water will allow you to enjoy music anywhere.


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