Fresh selection of quality goods from Aliexpress!

A new selection of cool pieces from AliExpress at decent discount prices! This edition features: completely wireless headphones Xiaomi AirDots that have already reached the AliExpress, the original gaming headset HyperX, a powerful Android tablet with a 10-core, easy-scratcher for the cat and more!

Wireless headphones Xiaomi AirDots

Price: 3848 rubles (15% discount).

At the end of 2018, the Chinese company Xiaomi has released its own “killer AirPods” — completely wireless headphones AirDots. Headphones are more than adequate price first began to be sold only in Chinese stores Xiaomi, but now get to AliExpress — anyone wishing to buy headphones from Russia may come in! Really cool headphones fully wireless with a long battery life and powerful sound.

The original HyperX Cloud gaming headset Stinger

Price: 3661 ruble (discount 19%).

Not to mention another great discount on quality headphones. We are talking about the original HyperX Cloud gaming headphones Stinger, which on the AliExpress platform implements a well-known Kingston. Wonderful headphones, which in the Russian shops sold much more expensive, will allow you to enjoy both games and music.

Non-contact thermometer

Price: 1167 rubles (20% discount).

Proven by thousands of customers, non-contact thermometer, measuring temperature of the child without waking him. An ideal purchase for new parents or as a gift.

Electric toothbrush ORAL-B

Price: 1040 rubles (64%).

Probably the most popular electric toothbrush from ORAL-B decently dropped in price. The cost of the brush fell on the platform, AliExpress Tmall. This means that the delivery is carried out from Russia by Express service — it takes only five days.

Portable toothbrush for travel

Price: 205 roubles (50% discount).

But much more simple toothbrush, which, however, is very popular on AliExpress. The reason is that it is Hiking toothbrush — it is very compact and has a convenient cover. Excellent purchase for anyone who often have to be in the way.

Smartphone LEAGOO M11

Price: 4763 ruble (discount 23%).

In Russia, the most famous Chinese smartphone manufacturers Xiaomi and Huawei, but in China many are simply crazy about LEAGOO. This company produces the most affordable, but high quality and advanced smartphones. Take, for LEAGOO model M11, which fell dramatically in price this week. For very little money, buyers get edge-to-edge 6.1-inch display, powerful processor, dual camera 8+2 megapixels and battery capacity of 4000 mAh! Simply gorgeous mobile for your truly funny money.

Stylish wrist watch

Price: 1030 roubles (66% off).

Original wrist watch, which in the last month are crazy popular on AliExpress. The watch has a stylish appearance, Japanese quartz movement hour and even protection from water!

Sponge for cleaning

Price: 55 roubles (76%).

Under one of the previous collections, readers have often asked us to pay attention to unusual kitchen gadgets. And here is another of them. It’s a handy sponge for effective cleaning of glasses, carafes and other containers, where not to crawl the usual sponge. Very effective and cheap!

Scratcher for cats

Price: 134 rubles (discount 41%).

One of the most popular goods of cat people at the beginning of 2019. This is a special glove that allows not only to make Pets a nice massage (reviews confirm that males are more than happy with), but most importantly — to comb hair.

Professional cleaning kit for headlights

Price: 1079 roubles (discount 36%).

A full professional kit to clean the headlights of a car. Allows you to restore yellowed headlights, which improves the intensity and uniformity of light. One set is enough for complete treatment of the two headlights. Directly on the product page there is a detailed and clear instruction on the proper use of funds.

An unusual cube puzzle

Price: 251 rouble (25% discount).

The cube-puzzle with dimensions of 2×2 is a great toy for an adult person, allowing you to occupy your hands, or developing a gadget for the child. It is important to note that the cube is made at an incredible quality level. It is quite big, made of quality plastic and has a relatively large weight (80 g).

Powerful Android tablet

Price: 12 407 rubles (discount 24%).

And since in this collection we noted the native smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer, it is necessary to tell about one tablet from the Chinese. Tablet from a little-known Russian company, CHUWI has a large 10.1-inch display with a small framework, a powerful 10-core processor Helio X20, 4 GB of RAM and 13-megapixel camera. Let this tablet any more, not even the Chinese, its cost would be increased at least twice.

Suction Cup for removing dents

Price: 70 rubles (discount 27%).

If your vehicle has a couple of noticeable dents, it’s time to fix them. This will help the suction Cup from special Chinese craftsmen, which allows the most simple way to get rid of the dents on the car body. Using it is very simple, but the main thing — the price of the gadget is really funny.

“Smart” light bulb Xiaomi

Price: 1505 rubles (20% discount).

Stunning “smart” bulb from Xiaomi has become even cheaper. Light can Shine in all sorts of colors, which are adjustable from the mobile app for iPhone or Android-smartphone. In this application the bulb can be controlled, for example, to configure a schedule. The bulb life is impressive — more than 11 years.

Gloves of superheroes

Price: 274 ruble (60% discount).

If you want to make an unusual baby gift, pay attention to these gloves superheroes. Gloves Iron man, Captain America and spider-Man are not only made in the style of these comics, and movies. They know how to shoot! Shooting takes place using special disks that come with the gloves.


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