Collection of cool products!

Fresh selection of great products from AliExpress at decent discount prices! In this issue: space in all senses sticker for MacBook, unusual umbrella-banana, best cheap charging cable for iPhone glowing headphones and more!

Space stickers for MacBook

Price: 1013 roubles (discount 35%).

Gorgeous stickers for MacBook that is worth the money. Stickers are not only incredibly beautiful, but also protect the casing from scratches. And they themselves do not wear out due to special coating. In General, an ideal purchase for all owners of MacBook who want to stand out even more.

HIT AliExpress! Mug with a motor

Price: 409 rubles (discount 17%).

Cool mug with a motor that allows for a quick and original way to stir tea or coffee. Original accessory like to buy for myself and as a gift.

Stylish headset

Price: 288 roubles (discount 13%).

Beautiful headset in the form of drops, which is available in different colors. However, the main thing — the sound of the headset is great, especially for such a low price. The microphone works great and even cuts out unwanted noise during a call.

HIT AliExpress! Luminous earphones

Price: 122 rubles (20% discount).

Charm glow in the dark headphones. Become an original accessory in the street, and they will be easier to find a home in the dark. Headphones sound quite good for such a small price for reviews customers, sounding really happy.


Price: 251 rouble (25% discount).

Forget the spinners (although they’ve already forgotten)! Truly an effective tool for relieving stress — here’s the ball. It not only allows you to take hands, but to release negative energy. The ball can compress in stressful situations it is necessary.

“Smart” showerhead with lights

Price: 590 roubles (discount 55%).

Make your shower is fancy! This special nozzle on the shower that illuminates the water in different colors. Moreover, the backlight color depends on water temperature. When the water is cool — lighting green when warm, light blue, and when hot is a bright red.

HIT AliExpress! Lights for the toilet 2.0

Price: 211 roubles (discount 26%).

Traditional hit AliExpress — lighting for the toilet. Only it’s not the usual lighting, which you’ve probably seen in the vast Chinese online store. This is an improved version of the backlight with better light and an updated motion sensor that detects approach of the person and automatically turns on the light.

Insoles heated

Price: 326 roubles (discount 32%).

If you are tired of how your legs warm this winter, make sure that in a year, this problem does not bother you. Proved by thousands of customers, heated insoles will make you feel comfortable on the street even in the dead of winter.


Price: 522 ruble (discount 29%).

Original umbrella-banana, which would be unusual a very unusual accessory — in Russia such models in sales is not exactly meet.

Shipping from Russia! Robot vacuum cleaner

Price: 6545 rubles (discount 45%).

The hit the Russian platform AliExpress Tmall robot cleaner iLife. He has more than 31 thousand purchases! And buyers are more than satisfied, because for a small robot cleaner, the money, the gadget offers a complete set of functions. Here and work schedule, and a powerful brush, and the scanning system of facilities for quality treatment. In other words, great device!

HIT AliExpress! Non-stick pancake maker

Price: 125 rubles (discount 41%).

Rapidly growing popularity of the crepe maker with non-stick coating — could not be noted. Crepes can be put directly into the pan and fry in it the molds for anything ranging from eggs, pancakes to directly.


Price: 967 rubles (discount 42%).

Incredibly high quality mug in the shape of a skull. Mug is more than worth the money. By the way, it will make a fabulous gift for the upcoming February 23.

HIT AliExpress! Best cheap charging cable for iPhone

Price: from 122 rubles (40% discount).

For iPhone users often have problems with charging cables that are simply torn. We offer a cheap solution. This cable from a reputable manufacturer Baseus is affordable, durable and most importantly — hassle-free. No errors when using the cable does not occur. In addition, charging is performed at maximum speed, without any restrictions.

Gaming mouse SteelSeries Sensei 310

Price: 3401 ruble (discount 42%).

Well known to all gamers SteelSeries is actively developing AliExpress. Now available on AliExpress to buy original gaming mouse SteelSeries Sensei 310 at a more than reasonable price. If long time look for a reliable mouse, it’s time to take!

USB flash drive for iPhone

Price: 1694 ruble (discount 19%).

Stick for iPhone is very useful, but unfortunately, extremely expensive. However, AliExpress save! On the site there are more quality flash drives for iPhone, kotorye allow to expand the storage capacity of Apple’s smartphone, without losing a fortune. Yes, 1694 rubles per stick for iPhone is not expensive. Look at the price of analogues in the Russian shops — you will be amazed.


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