The goods that are checked out to you.

On AliExpress there are a lot of good cheap products, and a lot of frankly bad. Avoid buying the latest easy — just look what products are really hits. In this collection we have collected these products. The quality and reliability of sellers, tens of thousands of customers checked out for you.

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1. Wireless headphones

Price: 927 roubles (20% discount).

Classy and proven by tens of thousands of buyers wireless headphones from a reputable manufacturer Baseus. When choosing wireless headphones on AliExpress need to be very careful as it is really a lot of models have really awful sound. These headphones from Baseus because are so popular on AliExpress, because they checked the sound they have what you need.

2. Bluetooth headset

Price: 114 roubles (15% discount).

Very affordable wireless headset. Despite the low price, has a loud sound and a good microphone for comfortable communication.

3. Checked headphones

Price: 250 rubles (10% discount).

And this is the usual wired headphones from the same manufacturer Baseus. And they have over 50 thousand orders! Headphones like customers with its great sound, which few expect from such a cheap model.

4. 3D butterflies on the wall

Price: 67 roubles (discount 46%).

Original 3D butterflies for wall mount rapidly gaining popularity in early 2019. In one set comes with 18 different butterflies, from which you can build unusual pattern on the wall for decoration.

5. Stickers on the toilet

Price: from 37 rubles (15% discount).

Traditionally a very popular item in AliExpress stickers for toilet. What to say, only these labels more than 16 thousand orders, of which several thousand in the last month.

6. Protective case for iPhone

Price: 265 roubles (discount 36%).

Cool iPhone case features a protective tempered glass. Glasses are transparent, due to which iPhone case will not close — it is important for many. But the main thing — case will securely protect the iPhone from scratches and drops. Available for most iPhone models.

7. USB flash drive

Price: from 237 rubles (discount 57%).

USB flash drive with capacity from 8 to 128 GB and a very reasonable price. In Russia stick with the same amount of memory can cost even three times more expensive. It is therefore not surprising that the Russians are actively buying the stick on AliExpress. The number of orders almost passed for 30 thousand!

8. Fitness bracelet

Price: 791 ruble (74%).

A great and inexpensive fitness bracelet which will be a great asset to anyone who decided to lose weight for the summer. The bracelet shows the time, notifications from your smartphone and, of course, takes into account the activity, e.g., Jogging. The gadget supports both Android smartphones and iPhone.

9. “Smart” light bulb Xiaomi

Price: 1186 rubles (discount 12%).

One of the most popular smart bulbs on AliExpress from the well-known Xiaomi. Light can Shine in millions of different colors — the light is very nice and is highly configurable through a special application. In this application users have the ability to set the timetable for the bulb.

10. Humidifier

Price: 600 rubles (discount 67%).

Compact ultrasonic humidifier in an unusual design “under the tree”. It is very popular on AliExpress just the same due to its unusual appearance.

11. Shipping from Russia! Gaming keyboard A4Tech Bloody

Price: 1612 rubles (50% discount).

Cool gaming keyboard from popular Russian manufacturer A4Tech. The keyboard has keys reliable, convenient kickstand and full RGB backlighting with customizable. It is important to note that the keyboard is sold on Tmall is an original model with delivery from Russia to up to five days.

12. USB cable

Price: from 117 rubles (30% discount).

Durable USB cables, which will be able to use it for a really long time. Are available for different connectors. The link represented by cable with USB type-C, but in the store there are models for other connectors, including Lightning in the iPhone.

13. Shipping from Russia! Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 6A

Price: 5767 rubles (30% discount).

And another product with Tmall. This is the best among budget smartphone — Xiaomi Redmi 6A. The device is gradually getting cheaper, and at the moment its price has fallen to a minimum for all time. And the Russians are actively using it. The number of orders Xiaomi Redmi 6A exceeds already 100 thousand!

14. Stand under a mug

Price: 17 roubles (discount 42%).

Fun colorful coasters. And decorate the apartment, and see that the furniture had no stains.

15. Convenient peeler

Price: 78 roubles (20% discount).

Extremely useful product for every kitchen — an easy to use peeler.


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