If you believe the latest rumors, that in October Apple will unveil an entirely new MacBook Pro with 16-inch screen. Initially it was assumed that this novelty will be the most powerful device in the line of MacBook Pro and will stand a little apart. Now, however, sources reported that 16-inch “Proshka” can replace the 15-inch model.

New information does not fit in with earlier rumors that the basic version of the 16-inch MacBook Pro will cost about $ 3,000. In order for the new product could replace a 15-inch model the price of the base version needs to be lower. Otherwise, the demand will be low.

Besides, today it became known date of the beginning of production of new “proshek”. According to the sources, referring to analysts of the company ISH, mass production of the new Apple notebook starts in September this year. While initially the monthly volume of production of 16-inch MacBook Pro will be in the range of 39 000 units.


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