Presented last week by 16-inch MacBook Pro in many respects surpasses the predecessor. However, as shown by the first tests, in terms of CPU performance, the novelty differs little from last year’s 15-inch models.

Traditionally, Apple does not name the exact models of processors, which equips its laptops. However, if to judge according to reports, 16-inch MacBook Pro got the same Core i7 and Core i9 ninth generation, and last year’s “Proshka”. In the end, the new Apple’s laptop performance is not much different from its predecessor. In the GeekBench test, the difference is only a few tens of points.

While in the graphics tests to achieve tangible growth. In particular, in the game Shadow of the Tomb Raider Radeon 5500M faster than Vega Pro Pro 20 25%.

Also, the new graphics card allows you to work faster in Final Cut Pro X. the difference with the previous Apple laptops is about 25-35%.


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