Do not repeat my olivkovoe aluminum Apple Watch I bought the day of the official start of sales of this gadget in Russia. Remember the first time I zipped up on the hand rubber strap, and have since abandoned their “Apple watch” literally several times in favor of analog chronographs.

But always I went back to its Apple Watch Series 0 because it really is a necessary addition to the iPhone. As if you didn’t like the shape, price or battery life — if you have an Apple smartphone, you just need a pair to it of the Apple Watch.

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In the fall of 2018, I bought the new Apple Watch Series 4. Buttoning his familiar rubber wrist strap, I’ve never regretted the money spent, looking forward to an unprecedented “user experience”.

It took 2 weeks.

Watch new — habits old

My Apple Watch 0 Series. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Old Apple Watch perfectly coped with its main task: I’m much less likely to get a smartphone from his pocket, because all notifications from instant messengers and e-mail is displayed directly on my wrist.

Few would disagree that it’s damn convenient.

However, the smartwatch is much broader. Using them it is possible to monitor the health, physical activity, control music, send the soulmate your heart rate in the end.

Re-learn to follow the activity.

I didn’t do it, justifying myself with the fact that my clock is too slow for this. Show notice — yeah, okay; here will update the fresh model, and then it will close the “ring of activity”, to read with a hours sites, etc., as we were repeatedly told at the presentation in Cupertino.

Spoiler: nothing of the sort.

Configuring the new Apple Watch 4, I continued to ignore most of the inherent features. I read the notice, watch the weather and the only thing that really pleases me — a new dial, which fit all the necessary widgets to me.

Why upgrade?

One of the most useful functions for music control.

Now in my hand AW Series 4, 44 mm. They are very cool — I can instantly launch applications, switch between them, use the “radio” button and follow the phases of the moon.

However, I do still use a new watch with the fastest processor, huge screen and other innovations just for viewing notifications.

The thing is that I used to use Apple Watch-complete: too long, went with the “inhibitory” clock generation zero.

Do not repeat my mistake. If you still have the very first Apple watch, or even 2nd generation, replace them with newer ones.

Otherwise simply get used to the a minimum of functionality, and the purchase of AW Series 4 will not bring joy — you will not to use them and write angry comments on the Internet that “Apple is not cake, there is no innovation.”

Worth a buy just for a new dial widgets.

Innovation is. On my arm is the coolest wearable gadget from the existing ones, which is perfect for my iPhone X. Together, these two devices greatly simplify my life by helping to constantly be in the center of the information space, without compromising your personal life or domestic Affairs.

Here are prices for new items:

Apple Watch Series 4 40 mm: from 31 990 rubles.

Apple Watch 44 mm Series 4: 33 990 rubles.

The key is to learn what my watch can do more than I’m used to from them. I’ll learn it. Don’t repeat my mistakes, update your Apple Watch.

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