Cheap, but useful.

Fresh selection of really cheap but high-quality and useful products from AliExpress. In this issue: proven waterproof case for any smartphone, the wonder suction Cup to remove dents from the car body, the best iPhone cases and more.

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1. Waterproof case for any smartphone

Price: 97 roubles (28% discount).

Proven (over 6000 orders) waterproof case for smartphones. Suitable for any smartphone — it will fit 6-6,8-inch model. The case does not pass not only water but also sand. Mandatory purchase for anyone in the future summer is going to go to the beach.

2. Case for headphones and wires

Price: 78 roubles (discount 42%).

Compact and durable case for headphones or any other cables. If you are tired of the fact that the wires always get tangled up, for example, in the bag, this affordable case will solve this problem. The case is available in various bright colours.

3. Mini speakers for smartphones

Price: 194 ruble (discount 17%).

Original accessory for smartphones — mini-column. It connects to the 3.5 mm connector and allows you to listen to music louder than usual. Of course, for the latest smartphone which without any speakers great sound, the device is not suitable. But a relatively old smartphone, the column will be able to help out.

4. Tripod for smartphones

Price: 137 roubles.

A solid tripod for any smartphone. It has two important features. First, secure attachment is a smartphone not exactly fall from the tripod at a bad time. And second, bending the legs. They will allow you to position the tripod on any surface.

5. Organizer for things

Price: 133 rubles (discount 41%).

Simple but very cute organizer for things. Similar in appearance to the models are sold, for example, in IKEA. But on AliExpress, of course, much cheaper.

6. Transparent cases for iPhone with Marvel characters

Price: 137 roubles (50% discount).

Original transparent covers for all iPhone models. However, it is not transparent. On the surface of cases of marked prints in the form of well-known characters from comics and Marvel movies.

7. Suction Cup for dents on vehicle

Price: 89 roubles (discount 35%).

Superuseful tool for ridiculous money for all motorists. Convenient suction Cup allows to fix small dents in the car body in one simple motion. In reviews customers note that the tool really works.

8. Protective glass for iPhone

Price: from 94 rubles (discount 41%).

One of the most popular recent safety glasses for your iPhone. Protects the display and housing of the smartphone from scratches.

9. Bright scoops

Price: 76 roubles (6% discount).

A great accessory for any kitchen — measuring spoons in various bright colours.

10. Decorations for switches that glow in the dark

Price: 123 rubles (30% discount).

If you do not know, what an interesting accessory to add to the nursery, take a look at this stickers for switches. They are not only funny looking but also glow in the dark!

11. Mini flashlight with UV light

Price: 78 roubles (discount 16%).

A compact flashlight that shines an ultraviolet light. Runs on three AAA batteries and, according to numerous reviews, shines really good quality.

12. Organizer for Desk felt

Price: 82 ruble (25% discount).

Nice organizer for your desktop made of felt. The organiser will give the opportunity in order to store various little things that constantly appears on the desktop. Yes, and look to be unusual, after all, felt is a win-win.

13. Bright socks Marvel

Price: 167 roubles (discount 26%).

Bright socks with the image of various characters in the Marvel comics. Socks are 90% made of cotton. Satisfied customers note that socks are not only original look, but nice for everyday wear.

14. Unusual cases for Samsung smartphone

Price: 116 roubles (15% discount).

Very beautiful covers for all common smartphones Samsung. There are covers for most models of Galaxy J, which is particularly popular in Russia.

15. Ultrathin transparent case for iPhone

Price: 102 rubles (25% discount).

Very slim transparent back case for all iPhone models. Ideal for anyone who wants to protect your iPhone from scratches, while not increasing its thickness and “closed Apple”.

16. Holder for garbage bag

Price: 51 rubles.

Another useful accessory for the kitchen. Special holder for garbage bags, which conveniently attaches to the table and allows you to instantly get rid of waste.

17. Bluetooth tracker for finding keys

Price: 73 rubles (discount 17%).

If you often forget where you left your keys, you should pay attention to this cheap gadget. This is a Bluetooth tracker that hung on a keychain to your keys and after allows you to quickly find where are the keys from your smartphone. The smartphone sends the beacon and the signal starts beeping.

18. The Bluetooth receiver

Price: 136 roubles.

Inexpensive but proven thousands of customers Bluetooth receiver for AUX. You can use it anywhere, but most of all it will help in the car. Thanks to this small device in the car will play music from your smartphone via Bluetooth, even if the car system does not provide support for “blue tooth”.

19. Brush the interior of the car

Price: 82 of the ruble (40% discount).

Excellent inexpensive brush for anyone who wants to conduct a General cleaning in the car for the upcoming spring. The brush enables to reach the most inaccessible places and as efficiently as possible to save the interior from dust and dirt.

20. Cool napkins from Xiaomi

Price: 137 roubles.

Many will be surprised, but in China Xiaomi company launches even napkins! They are sold here in a stylish minimalist packaging. The wipes themselves are very nice.


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