Update your WinRAR!

Hackers started attacking users using vulnerability in WinRAR, which has existed for over 20 years. The attack was noticed by the experts from 360 Threat Intelligence Center.

Attackers carry out mass-mailing emails with attached malicious file. If the file is run on the victim’s computer, infecting the device through a vulnerability in the WinRAR archiver. The experts stressed that the attack succeeds only on the condition that the computer disable user account control Windows.

About the real victims of hacking by WinRAR at the moment are not reported. However, users are advised to install the new version of WinRAR, which was released a few weeks ago.

In February, 2019 in the popular archiver WinRAR has been found a vulnerability that was in the utility for 19 years. The vulnerability allows hackers to execute arbitrary code on the victim’s computer. According to the experts, vulnerability in WinRAR was threatened more than 500 million users.

Currently, the vulnerability WinRAR eliminated. The “hole” in the program only fixed in the latest version of the archiver. Download WinRAR updated with the corrected vulnerability on the official website of the program.

Source: Twitter.


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