So say leading analysts.

Analytical company IDC and Counterpoint published a report on global smartphone sales in 2018. Specialists of both companies called 2018 “worst in history” for smartphones due to a significant downturn in sales.

Analysts IDC and Counterpoint used different methods of counting the number of smartphones sold. Because of this, the figures in the reports differ slightly, but the overall picture is identical. In 2018 were sold at once on 4% fewer smartphones than a year earlier. The decline is the largest, in connection with 2018 and was named “worst in history”.

Experts identify several main reasons for the decline in sales of smartphones. Users around the world are starting less likely to update their smartphones due to the lack of sharp need. The old smartphones do an excellent job with all the tasks, so many consumers don’t see the point in buying new models.

An important factor in the decline in demand for smartphones is economic uncertainty in many countries. This is exacerbated rising prices for smartphones, which causes decline of consumers ‘ interest. It is noteworthy that the increase in the average price of smartphones is absolutely all manufacturers, not just Apple.

As for the indicators, according to IDC, in 2018, the world has sold 1.4 billion smartphones by 4.1% less than in 2017. According to statistics from Counterpoint, in the world was bought 1.55 billion smartphones, which is exactly 4% less than last year.

Source: IDC, Counterpoint.


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