In 2018, cryptobinary attacked 10 times more companies than ransomware, however, only 16% of organizations called them the biggest threat

February 11, 2019, Moscow—Companiesas Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), a leading provider of solutions to ensure cyber security around the world, released the second part of the report 2019 SecurityReport. According to the report, the tools used by criminals have become more democratic and advanced attack techniques are now available to anyone who is willing to pay for them.

The second part of the report 2019 Security Report reveals the key trends of cyber attacks in 2018 and shows a significant increase latent complex attacks designed to remain outside the purview of corporate security. In addition, the report says those types of attacks that enterprise it and security professionals believe the biggest threat to their organizations.

Cryptobinary remain undetected in the network in 2018, cryptobinary struck 10 times more companies than ransomware, however, only one in five it security professionals knew about the security of personal data their companies with malware. In 2018, 37% of companies worldwide suffered attacks cryptainer, and 20% of the companies continue to face etimedout a week, despite reduction in the cost of cryptocurrency by 80%.

Organizations underestimate the risk of cryptainer: only 16% of respondents said captaingoslow a big threat to the organization. This is a very low figure compared with the DDoS attacks (call them 34% of respondents), data breach (53%), ransomware (54%), and phishing (66%). These results suggest that cryptobinary can easily remain undetected to download and run other malware types.

Malware subscription gaining popularity: affiliate program Gand Crab Ransom ware-as-a-Service has proven that even Amateurs can now profit from cyberimmortality. Subscribers save up to 60% of ransom collected from victims, and the developers of the program— 40%. Currently, Gand Crab more than 80 active “branches”, and within two months 2018, they attacked more than 50 000 victims and demanded 300 000 to 600 000 dollars ransom.

“The second part of the report CheckPoint2019 SecurityReportпоказывает how well the cyber criminals are exploring new hidden methods and business models to increase their illegal profits and reduce risks. However, the fact that they go unnoticed, does not mean that they are not:although during the 2018 cyber attacks were in the shade, they’re as destructive and dangerous, —says Vasily Dyagilev, head of representative office of Check Point Software Technologies in Russia and CIS. — We constantly conduct analysis of current threats so that organizations can better understand risks that they face and how they can prevent their impact on your business.”

Security report Check Point Security 2019 Report is based on data Threat Cloudintelligence, the largest collaborative network for fighting cybercrime, which provides information about threats and attack trends from the global sensor network threats; data from studies of CheckPoint during the past 12 months; and data from the latest survey of it professionals and senior managers that evaluates their readiness for today’s threats. The report discusses the latest threats to various industries and provides a comprehensive overview of the trends observed in the field of malware, data leaks and cyber attacks at the state level. It also includes an assessment CheckPoint, which helps organizations understand and prepare for today’s and tomorrow’s complex threat landscape.

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