iPhone 2019 model year may become the first smartphone in the world with support for 5G, reports DigiTimes, citing industry sources. The supply of modems, which provides mobile the ability to work in networks of the fifth generation, will the Chinese manufacturer MediaTek processors, have nearly ready for commercial use solution.

5G Internet

“MediaTek has released its 5G modem six months earlier than planned, say the interlocutors DigiTimes. Such haste may mean that the vendor is configured at strengthening its position in the market 5G, planning to get a large order from Apple. According to some reports, MediaTek will start shipping [5G modems] in 2019”.

MediaTek Helio

Modem Helio M70, which can form the basis of a iPhone 2019, capable of operating at speeds up to 5 Gbps when connected to 5G. In addition to higher the speed class, the latest development MediaTek can significantly reduce the energy consumption even under the enormous loads of the fifth generation thanks to 7-nm process technology.

Apple and MediaTek

Apple came out on MediaTek in the process of finding new suppliers of modems. This need has arisen on the background of patent disputes with Qualcomm, which caused a serious rift between the old partners. To evaluate a new supplier, Apple gave MediaTek a kind of a test, ordered her Wi-Fi modules for corporate speakers HomePod.


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