The best discounts from AliExpress!

On AliExpress and Tmall in the midst of the biggest sale of the year! In this article we have collected some of the great (and honest) discounts on various products. In the collection you can find a lot of useful, from advanced illumination of the toilet, to the best smartphones at heavily discounted price!

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HIT AliExpress! Magnetic holder for smartphone in the car

Price: 106 roubles (discount 31%).

Cool magnetic holder for smartphone in the car. If you always place the smartphone in the car holder easily and gracefully solve this problem.

Fancy protective case for iPhone

Price: 206 roubles (discount 31%).

Original protective case for any iPhone models. Case not only protects your smartphone from scratches and drops, but also includes a hidden pocket where you can place money or card.

HIT AliExpress! Gradient case for iPhone

Price: 215 roubles (discount 37%).

Beautiful silicone cases for all models of iPhone. Covers have a contemporary gradient coloring, simply transforming any iPhone. In this case makes the phone thick.

Warm winter socks

Price: 108 roubles (discount 24%).

Winter is coming, and it is time to insulate. To make it truly festive will help here are warm socks, made of wool and cotton.

Set of adapters for SIM cards

Price: 8 rubles (20% discount).

A cheap set of adapters for SIM cards, which can greatly help you and leave you. The kit includes an adapter that allows you to convert nanoSIM card to microSIM or SIM card to standard size. To rescue data adapter can, for example, when selling the iPhone, when you have to temporarily move to the old smartphone.

HIT AliExpress! Lights for toilet

Price: 230 roubles (discount 34%).

Bright lights for the toilet — a real hit AliExpress! Moreover, this illumination is not normal, and the second generation! There was improved the light — it became more soft and pleasant, and also added advanced sensor tracking movements. Lighting determine when you are approaching and automatically turns on. Elegant and inexpensive solution to make the bathroom look more original.

External battery

Price: 1 161 rubles (64%).

One of the most popular external batteries on AliExpress. Powerbank has a capacity of 10000 mAh, rugged housing, two USB ports and support for fast charging. Also the battery case is a small indicator showing the current state of charge.

HIT AliExpress! Case-battery for iPhone

Price: 1 054 ruble (discount 43%).

But the gadget that can once and for all solve your problem with constant discharge iPhone. This is a very beautiful, elegant and slim case, which features a battery capacity of 3000 mAh. Thanks to him, you can double the working time of your iPhone and begin to charge your smartphone two or three times a day! And in this case will not make your iPhone thick and unpleasant to use. Cover available for all iPhone models except iPhone 5s and iPhone SE.


Price: 631 ruble (discount 34%).

Few people pays attention to the choice of heads for the shower — most are satisfied with what is. Make showering more enjoyable at times will help this lake, which has plenty of holes for water.

Back scratcher

Price: 86 rubles (25% discount).

Another quite common product that just improves life. Very simple back scratcher will allow you to scratch my back and get to the most remote places. We have previously tested this scratcher — the feeling of her simply unforgettable!

HIT AliExpress! Smart watch

Price: 1 487 rubles (30% discount).

Inexpensive but impressive smart watch. The gadget has a modern sporty design, battery life up to seven days, protection from water and full set of necessary functions. The smart watch can show notifications from your smartphone to track activity, measure heart rate, monitor sleep and more.

Headset Xiaomi

Price: 970 RUB (discount 21%).

One of the best Bluetooth headsets on the market. The device from Xiaomi has loud sound, powerful microphones and nice design. To talk with this headset is really comfortable.

HIT AliExpress! Charging cable

Price: 67 roubles (discount 55%).

One of the most purchased charging cables on AliExpress. The cable is strong, long and very affordable. The cable is available for purchase on the product page, it is sufficient to choose whether the Lightning cable, the USB-C or traditional microUSB.

HIT AliExpress! Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Price: 1 782 rubles (30% discount).

Best fitness bracelet 2018. Familiar to most Xiaomi Mi Band 3 fell dramatically at the start of the sale, but a coupon first batch of buyers are swept away in a few minutes. However, discounts for Mi Band 3 left wristband, you can still purchase at a reasonable price.

HIT AliExpress! Cases for iPhone

Price: 93 rubles (discount 31%).

Translucent covers with gradient coating. Look very original while leaving the Apple logo, which is important to many. Covers are very cheap but quality. Available for all iPhone models.

Xiaomi Mi 8

Price: 25 400 rubles (20% discount).

The flagship Xiaomi sample 2018 — Mi 8! A truly luxurious smartphone with a top filling, a stunning design, the function of the facial scan and dual camera with a resolution of 12+12 MP is extremely profitable purchase for such a low price.

Shipping from Russia! Xiaomi Redmi 6A

Price: 5 992 ruble (25% discount).

The other, more popular smartphone Xiaomi sample 2018 — the real king of budget smartphones Redmi 6A. For its small price and offers unmatched functionality. Particularly pleased with the 13-megapixel camera which gives great pictures even in low light.

Facial massager

Price: 217 rubles (40% discount).

In addition to the back scratcher is recommended to take a facial massager. The massage is firm, but pleasant to the touch stone that relaxes the muscles of the face. The testimonials of satisfied customers note that the sensations from the massage, even if it is done yourself, just indescribable.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite

Price: 14 403 ruble (25% discount).

For those who don’t want to spend too much money on the flagship Xiaomi Mi 8, there is a Lite version of the smartphone. Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite dropped in price on sale a lot. To buy a smartphone with OCTA core processor, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, a great 24-megapixel front camera and dual rear camera can record low for the Russian market price.

Shipping from Russia! Honor Pro 7C 32 GB

Price: 9 653 ruble (30% discount).

Inexpensive but high-quality smartphones like to do and Honor — a sub-brand of Huawei. Model 7C Pro is rightly recognized as one of the best state employees. The smartphone offers edge-to 5.99-inch display, rugged metal chassis (which will be especially thrilled those who don’t like the trend in glass smartphones), double the main camera resolution 13 and 2 MP, long battery life and many other features.

Shipping from Russia! Xiaomi POCOPHONE F1

Price: 19 919 rubles (discount 31%).

Another new product from Xiaomi, which is on sale for the first time. Experimental smartphone POCOPHONE F1 is the flagship eight-core Snapdragon 845, unlimited display with a diagonal of 6.18 inches, dual rear camera and front camera with a resolution of 20 MP. Both cameras support a special function based on artificial intelligence that define in what conditions you take a photo.

Shipping from Russia! iPhone 7 32GB

Price: 33 531 ruble (discount 21%).

Well cheaper on sale and iPhone. For example, several thousand to the price off the iPhone 7 with 32 GB of internal memory. For many “seven” is still the best Apple smartphone as it is the last iPhone with aluminum case at the moment. Note that this is the lowest price of iPhone 7 in the Russian market.

Shipping from Russia! JBL T450BT

Price: 2 094 ruble (discount 35%).

Gorgeous full-size wireless headphones JBL. Headphones offer stunning sound, capable of comfortable use for a long time and 11 hours of battery life.

Shipping from Russia! JBL E25

Price: 2 105 rubles (discount 36%).

If you prefer conventional wireless headphones, then again, we should take a closer look at the model of JBL. These headphones have superb clean, full-bodied sound with deep bass and impressive for such compact dimensions of working time — 8 hours!

Shipping from Russia! AirPods

Price: 10 212 rubles (discount 27%).

And, of course, not to mention AirPods are the most popular wireless headphones the last two years. In 2018, unfortunately, AirPods only become more expensive in Russia — Apple has raised their price due to the fall of the ruble. The more valuable is a discount on them, which provides Tmall. Note that we are talking about the original headphones, which are intended for sale in Russia.


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