Fresh study of American consumers from analysts of the company Leichtman Research Group showed that 74% of households have at least one device connected to the Internet — account for device Smart TV, streaming boxes (e.g. Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, or Apple TV), game consoles, and Blu-ray players.

The figures have remained similar to last year; in 2017, the users of at least one such device was 69%, in 2014 — 50%, in 2010 — 24%.

31% of American adults watching a “smart TV” every day; in 2017 there were 25% in 2014 — 11%, in 2010 — only 1%. In the age group of 18 to 34 years of daily users of devices “smart TV” 53%, 31% among viewers from 35 to 54 and 12% among those over 55.

The statistics obtained as a result of the annual (16th in a row) survey Leichtman Research Group, which was attended by 1 150 viewers from the United States. The report became known the following numbers:

25% of adult pay-TV subscribers use their devices daily; 49% are not subscribers of pay TV.

49% of the TV audience at home has at least one streaming console; in 2017 there were 40% in 2014 — 17%.

18% of adults streaming set-top box owners use the device daily; in 2017 the figure was 12%, in 2014 — 4%.

14% of adults of Smart TV owners use them to view online video daily, in 2017, there were 10% in 2014 to 4%.

32% of all us TVs — a Smart TV device; in 2017, the year they were 24%, in 2014 — 7%.

22% of families with an annual income of more than $50 million have the device 4K, among families with income of less than $50 million of these 9% (34% of them purchased the device supports 4K last year).

“In ¾ of American households have at least one device is a “smart TV” with an average TV devices in such families, amounting to a 3.9. More than half of the adult viewers watching a “smart TV” at least once a week, it is twice more than 5 years ago. About a third of the adult audience uses streaming devices daily,” said principal analyst at Leichtman Research Group, Bruce Leichtman.

SOURCE: Broadband TV News

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