Almost everyone sooner or later wants to quit his job and open his own business. Tired of the superiors, low pay, hard work — the reasons can be a lot. But man, as usual, holding something — mortgages, loans, stability, no initial investment for the opening of the business and so on. To leave a stable job if you have children — it is a utopia. “Going to nowhere” can anything good will not end. But why not start small own business online without substantial financial injections. It will make a small stable income and if Finance will be enough, you can do them on a regular basis.

Maintaining your blog
A simple idea, accessible to almost anyone. You can make your website and blog, you can use the popular blogplatform (Yandex. Zen). Need 1-2 hours of time a day. The initial investment to 5000 rubles. And you can even without investment, but will have to spend a bit of time to develop the site.

For a blog is not as important a design as the content. Trends search engines are, what quality content of the website affects its ranking. And you don’t have to invent everything yourself, there are a lot of ideas of content on foreign resources.

The sites like and create interesting content, finding funny, emotional and inspiring stories to Reddit, Facebook and Imgur, rewriting the content, adding additional details and publishing content on your own website.

Just imagine the resource ViralNova was created in order to hire one guy. The guy was resourceful, and he used the services of the authors for rewriting content that was published on other Internet sites. This website was sold for 100 million dollars! Before that ViralNova has earned 400 thousand dollars per month in advertising revenues.

With a little promotion on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Stumbleupon and, ultimately, organic traffic, within a few months you should get from 30 to 50 thousand unique visits per month. Monetize the website with AdSense to get revenue to cover the hosting costs and domain name.

The most important thing when blogging is well-versed in one subject and highlight the problem from different angles, so the reader was interesting. Ideally, articles on the website to solve some everyday problems of users.
Design your own smartphone app
Investment minimum (may need a license for Apple), maximum profit. However, this variant of earnings is not suitable for everyone. Will need to master programming skills. Although, to develop a simple application at a time 1-2 hours for a few months. A good idea can feed the rest of his life. Not necessarily make the app paid. So many free developer earns on advertising and pay “chips” inside the app.

The Internet has a lot of useful videos (on YouTube) how you can develop your own app from scratch to launch. In addition to the useful knowledge you can still get orders for freelance exchanges. They will bring additional income, and then it can become a full-fledged earnings.
Creating an online store
In the case of sales of goods online will need to spend in any case. If in the case of a website you can still try and make it for free since there are many ready-made solutions, here are the goods still have to spend. You can focus on a single direction and to purchase goods in only one direction (e.g., shampoos, sets, hair straighteners), you can try small batches to purchase and implement, and then analyze which product faster and cheaper can be realized.

For an online store need legal entity, investment is also required, but not much.

Immediately is to say that the online shop can quickly pay for itself, but “eat” all your free time. If the business is “shoot”, then you can quit and devote all my free time. But it should be done only after accumulate a certain financial cushion.
The creation of a personal brand
One of the most popular forms of Internet business. Advertising — the motor trade, so the ad sales people earn a lot of money, millions of rubles in a month.

Many comrades don’t even leave work, making from hobby to a profitable business. How to build a personal brand:

A video on YouTube. It’s pretty hard to spin up to millions of subscribers, the competition is very high. But if you take off a hobby, make cutting moments from the film, it could be a pretty good passive income in the future.
Instagram. It is impossible to deny the impact of Instagram on daily life. According to statistics, people can go in this social network up to 20 times a day. To take and upload photos videos to Instagram you need only a smartphone and a little patience. Immediately to you advertisers don’t come, but if the content is fun, unique and useful, then people will subscribe, watch, add to saved. The stream can be monetized, earning very decent money.
Maintaining Telegram channel. Adequate, loyal audience, which is monetized. The channel should be useful. Create and begin to fill it with any person. Gaining 1,000 subscribers a couple of months. Advertising sales — 300-400 rubles per post. The proceeds can be invested in the channel and to buy advertising. With the development of 2-3 channels to 20-30 thousand subscribers you can earn a living by selling advertising.

All three channels usually work in the triumvirate. Man shoots video, places his promo in Instagram-Telegram. But all these three channels can work separately from each other. There is still the TikTok, which is simply seven-mile rate covers the market, but I’ll talk about it in another article.

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