Named the most anticipated changes in iOS 13.

iOS 13 will be presented only next year, but iPhone users have already started to form their expectations from the new Apple operating system. Firmware from great expectations, as rumored, iOS 13 will be the most significant upgrade since the release of iOS 7. What specific innovation users expect in iOS 13 the most?

Redesigned interface

Home screen of iOS is not actually changed with the release of the very first version of the operating system. Users want Apple finally came up with something original and changed the interface in iOS 13. It is noteworthy that iPhone owners have not expressed any specific wishes. Most users simply expect the changes would be refreshed iOS interface.

Note that there are many users who are against the fact that Apple completely changed the interface. They claim that the usual and most easy to use iOS interface is one of the main advantages of the iPhone.

According to a reputable insider Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is planning to change home screen in iOS 13. However, he stressed that the company will pay most attention to the interface of the operating system for iPad and not for iPhone.

A new interface window adjust the sound

IPhone not the first complain that the interface volume in iOS is terrible. It appears right in the middle of the screen, blocking the overview and management. Users expect iOS 13 Apple developers still read thousands of negative reviews and realize appearing when adjusting the sound slider in a more compact way.

Dark theme interface

And of course waiting for iOS from 13, perhaps, the most talked about and coveted new dark theme interface. She just appears in iOS, as in the code of beta versions of iOS found 12 direct references to the possibility to activate night mode. But will there be a dark theme in iOS 13 and will it support iPhone with LCD displays? The answer to these questions yet.

Quality optimization

Bearing in mind the extremely unfortunate iOS 11, many users see the main innovation iOS 13 excellent performance and autonomy. IPhone owners hope that the next version of iOS will not spoil their devices and make them slow. Optimistic and users do expect that in iOS 13, the work to increase performance and battery life will only continue.

And what features from iOS 13 are you waiting for?


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