The official launch of watchOS 5 will take place very soon. Along with upgrading the operating system in smart watches there will be many new features which are worth to buy the Apple Watch Series 4.

First and foremost, improve the performance of all series of the Apple Watch, in addition to the original model, released in 2015.

  • Podcasts will be available on the clock. This long – awaited feature, with which you can do without the iPhone for full control of all features of the application.
  • In the new OS will not have to say, “Hey Siri!”. Thanks to the function “Raise-to-Speak” simply raise your hand and ask the voice assistant to perform any task. Now dial with Siri remembers what you do during the day and actively offering relevant content at the right time.
  • Apple and worked on the app for the sport. WatchOS 5 will feature automatic discovery exercise that starts during the movement and warns of the beginning of the training. In “Competitions” you can invite friends to a 7-day training competition. After your friends accept your invitation, all users will receive points depending on the percentage of “rings of activity” for each day. The course of the competition can be monitored at any time and receive a warning about the backlog. Apple also added exercise routine “Yoga” and “Hiking”.
  • A Walkie-Talkie. Simply press the button, speak a quick message and it will instantly be sent to other Apple Watch, like the walkie-talkie. To activate the function you must open the app, choose a contact and send the invitation. Then you can start sending and receiving audio messages.
  • Other improvements:
    • WatchOS 5 respond to notifications without opening the corresponding application. This will make it easier to perform quick tasks such as checking flight times.
    • One of the most convenient features of iOS 12 is a grouping of notifications, this feature will be available on Apple Watch.
    • Apple will also add a WebKit watchOS 5, the result will be the ability to view web sites directly on the clock.
    • Update the OS to smartwatches, you can set the mode “do Not disturb”.


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