Conspiracy theories are popular, they are immortal, they are all-powerful. They were even able to get you to turn on “Ren-TV” the week in the evening and to permanently rivet your attention to the TV screen. Here are 5 conspiracy theories that are seemingly to be forgotten, but they still believe.

1. Saddam Hussein has “Stargate”

If you were sure that the reason for the US attack on Iraq was chemical weapons or oil, then hurry to disappoint you. In fact, the Americans only wanted to deprive the Iraqis of the remnants of an ancient mechanism for teleportation. According to PhD Michael Salla, Iraq was left kind of “Stargate” used by the Anunnaki aliens from planet Nibiru. It is through these gates they have visited Earth and made contact with its inhabitants. Saddam Hussein wanted to become the owner of alien technology to rise above all the world powers, and the US tried to stop him. This is why America has conducted numerous inspections: specially trained people simply looked for the traces of an alien teleport. Some proponents of this theory suggest that aggressive US foreign policy was justified by the desire of States not to allow an alien invasion of Earth through these “gates” of Saddam.

2. Adolf Hitler is still alive
Such is the conclusion of British historians. The only one of the options which seems at least slightly believable is the theory about the escape of Hitler to Argentina together with his followers. But one of the craziest assumptions is the “lunar conspiracy”. According to him, the Nazis allegedly built a military base on the moon, where and went on the spacecraft after the victory of the Soviet Union. Well, Hitler just cloned, although some argue about the elixir of eternal life, which drank the Fuhrer before the flight. But nothing to worry about. Of course, the technology of the Third Reich were not allowed to carry humans in space, so what about a moon base and speech could not be.

3. HIV has created US
There are whole communities of people who claim HIV — the handiwork of the us Central intelligence Agency. Conspiracy theorists believe that HIV was created to kill all African Americans, sexual minorities, and also for further use in purposes of national defense. Supposedly during the invasion you can “reconfigure” a virus to kill only people with certain features — only women or exclusively blue-eyed. Immense popularity was won by the theory of denial: more and more people believe that HIV does not exist. Supposedly scientists are just scare people, and doctors hide the truth from them. These people are actively campaigning to stop HIV treatment, which annually leads to thousands of deaths among children and adults. So out of all conspiracy theories this one deserves special attention.

4. The number of the devil

“Devil’s number” or “number of the beast”, often mentioned in the Bible. Believers and conspiracy theorists-interpreters from the very beginning of the digital era, trying to look down your nose at scientific progress the coveted six. Whatever fell under the hot hand of the seekers — and linear bar codes on the labels, and the icon of Google Chrome, which supposedly consists entirely of sixes, and even the first Apple of Steve jobs, which sold for 666,66 $. Eventually, some began to refuse passports, INN, medical insurance. However, if you look closely, the secret symbols can be found everywhere. For example, a carbon atom in 98% of cases has 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. But the indignation about this is noted.

5. Microsoft and anti-Semitic messages in the Wingdings font

The Windows built-in Wingdings and Webdings fonts allow you to print with the keyboard the many different characters. However, the conspiracy has even reached Windows. Some people believe that these fonts contain a secret anti-Semitic messages directly related to the date of September 11, 2001. If any font to print the letters NYC, which is the abbreviation of the city of new York, to highlight them and change the font to Wingdings, the screen will appear three rather typical characters. And if dialing Q33NYC, which means the flight number of the plane that flew into the twin towers, to highlight the combination and change the font to Wingdings, you get an even more alarming message. We have not tested, but it’s probably just a coincidence. How to understand that you rubbed another conspiracy theory

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