Tell me about great apps that are equally useful on both Windows and macOS.


The most famous, secure and comfortable password Manager, available on both platforms that will help you if you forget your password or the code word in the Bank. The beauty of this app is that you can store in it can be anything you want. Codes to restore access to various online services, secret notes, a series and passport number, credit card information, VAT number and so on. Some users even wills it to leave. The app is intelligent enough to automatically fill in the data on various sites. With 1Password purchase tickets or enter the private office of the banking app will no longer be accompanied by the documents and remembering passwords. Mini-window, activated by pressing a simple key combination, will provide the necessary data when it is needed.

The developers of the program do not keep any information on their servers, and all passwords from 1Password synced via iCloud, Dropbox or personal server. Moreover, the utility has built-in mechanism for monitoring passwords Watchtower, which in the case of the hacking of any site will alert you and offer to change the password.

Application can be by two ways. Or pay the subscription cost 2500 rubles a year, or buy a one-time license for 4100 rubles for life.


For working with text there are countless applications and each trying to please different categories of users. Ulysses for those who need an advanced sorting system and the ability to rate limit set of characters. iA Writer for those who want peace and cleanliness while working. Atom can please everyone. This is an advanced text editor developed by the creators of GitHub for programmers. But, oddly enough, he is fine journalists, translators and writers. The program will delight everyone who is associated with text, sharing, formatting with Markdown support, custom interface and lots of plugins. The latter significantly expand the possibilities of the Atom. For example, to add advanced mechanisms for checking the text for grammatical and stylistic errors. Or tools for converting Markdown to PDF, Docx, HTML and other popular formats.

The only drawback of the utility – the language in which it is written. The developers used the Electron, this means that the Atom is a web application that requires a large amount of resources.

The program is free.



One of the oldest digital organizers for students. iStudiez is an advanced calendar that allows students to follow the schedule, mark completed tasks, observe the marks and academic performance in General. In fact, iStudiez can contain all the necessary student information: the numbers of classrooms, names of teachers, schedule changes and more (amply decorated). No longer have to ask classmates to figure out which pair to prepare and what time to come. In addition, the program is able to recall the lessons and homework that you do not come to school or University unprepared.

On both platforms the app costs about 700 rubles.


Organization of thoughts is the most important step before performing any tasks or implement any major project. People use a variety of tools: task managers, outliner and mind maps. The latter was developed by the app iThoughts. Programmers toketaWare created a simple, unobtrusive and at the same time multifunctional product for organizing ideas. In iThoughts you can build their ideas in the form of a tree, where root is the main idea and branches – any additions that come to mind later. For example, creating a repair plan, you can divide it into several parts (purchase, materials, tasks) and record a list of tasks and purchases in the mind map below to obtain a complete picture, which you can use to navigate the future. The resulting plan can then complement, without losing the relationship with other tasks, as is often the case for simple task managers.

This, of course, a convenient way of organizing the ideas will cost 3500 rubles on both platforms, but there is a free trial version that will help you understand what are mind maps and make a decision about the purchase.


Still the best alternative browser for all existing systems. The developers at Mozilla have spent a lot of forces on its improvement and has made some progress. Now Firefox is faster than Safari, and also has much more features. In the add-ons store for your browser you can find apps for every taste, which will remove ads, rearrange tabs, add cruel control or link previews, and so on. The user has the right to choose how to work browser. In addition, Mozilla company pay special attention to security and privacy on the Internet. So Firefox does not collect your data for sale to advertisers and protects hundreds of scripts-spies trying to take over the computer information, your interests, your friends, relations and so on.

Overall, a great choice as an alternative to Chrome and Safari. Distributed free of charge.


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