A web application is an application with which the user actively interacts, enters information, change settings. Not to be confused with the site. Web apps have their place in the Internet space and online tools users. This is a useful service, so companies benefit from create to move your business forward, including web-based applications, as do Figma, Asana. Of course, for the time that developers create online products, formed technology. Creates the application according to its criteria — is profit and, as Zohan said, “awesome”; no — tears, grief and wasted money. With the criteria we suggested the guys from the team PARKSIDE, who are developing a web application and understand this question.

1. Compliance of the web application, the business problem

Which tasks for the company must decide the application and what results to obtain, is a key criterion. The discrepancy between this criterion — a guaranteed and high-profile failure. So the team with the experience, such as PARKSIDE, before you start developing, ask questions. It just developed the technology Impact Mapping of the Agile methodology. This is a mind map with four key issues: Why, Who, How and What. Depending on, for internal or external use developing a web application change tasks. To improve conversion, to gather information about target audience, increase loyalty, sell related products and services is a task for the external application that is used by customers. If the application is designed for use within the company (e.g., to account for completed tasks), to increase loyalty. The business task that the application needs to solve, affects the interface and functionality. For example, to increase sales interface needs to be designed so that the user there was nothing to buy and did not cause his “user laziness”.

2. High-quality UX
App engagement — the process of personal, individual space of the user. Person should be comfortable when he works with the application. And this is especially true of external web applications. Ideally, you should make it so that people didn’t want to be distracted in General and he formed a positive user experience. You must have in mind one or two applications that are very pleasant to work with and everything was done for you. This emotional attachment is the main goal, over employing entire departments. A good example of quality UX — web application Conceptino developed by a team of PARKSIDE.

3. User interface (UI)

The user interface is the part responsible for the usability and beauty. It UI-masters create the structure of the interface, testing it for comfort. Here is an example about UI: the cross, with which you close the browsers, documents, any files and applications are deservedly sitting in the top right corner (of the graphics window in the Apple — an exception). And righties, and lefties mostly controlled the computer mouse with his right hand. And they want to move the cursor to the right corner, not left, because it is closer. And hundreds of such examples. Many of them are standardized, while others change under the influence of trends in web design and usability. In 2019 design a web application to solve a business problem that needs to be minimalistic, have natural shapes and large font. Look in the portfolio PARKSIDE — there are suitable examples. View portfolio→

4. The use of popular solutions and trends

If they do not use the application to quickly become obsolete, will become uninteresting. Rather to abandon it — here is the first desire of man. Obviously, this only prevents the execution of business tasks. Therefore, to include relevant popular solutions and trends is a must. Adaptability refers to this: the app must support the latest versions of popular browsers. If you want to sell your web application for the redevelopment of the apartment, and it would not support, say, mobile browsers — you will lose customers.

5. Stable working application without crashes

The application needs to “fly”. Any action that a user performs in it should come to pass instantly. The slightest slowdown — and the user starts to bomb, because the least he wants to wait. One delay, the second — and he closes the app and more it may never return. To speed response was lightning-fast, to provide quality back-end to organize a stable connection with the servers. And then there should be technical support: there are users that this FAQ will not be enough. If they feel that their problems while working with the application you’re ignoring, it’s likely going to be used. An exception may be made if the application really brings them many benefits. But then to be courteous and responsive technical support.

A good example of a team that creates effective web applications for business — PARKSIDE. You guys own the technology stack React, Angular, Vue, Sass, Less, Laravel, Django. Therefore design an effective interface, develop client and server part. On the shoulder any task — from development of a simple service to order goods before the development of high-load web applications from scratch. And this is without violation of the agreements, deadlines and time allocated for the project. Team PARKSIDE is not working as a puppet (that said, the customer, and does) — the boys are immersed in the task, analyse, offer solutions from a position of experience and knowledge. So if you need a web application, rather click on the link. Contact PARKSIDE→

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